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Just Landed: Maybelline x Puma – Superdrug
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Just Landed: Maybelline x Puma

maybelline x puma products spilling out of a makeup bag

Clear some space in your beauty bag and get ready to drop it like a squat… the athleisure makeup you didn’t know you needed is here

maybelline x puma products spilling out of a makeup bag

Skipping Saturday morning brunch because you can’t bear to hit the coffee spot without your slap? Or fed up with mascara melting away by the end of the day? We get it, we’ve been there, we hear you. But get ready to shake-up your makeup game: Maybelline has launched a sports-inspired cosmetics collection packed with bold street style shades and high-performance formulas that have the stamina to take you from exercise class to cocktail hour.

The collaboration with Puma is chock-full of everything you need to get that elusive post-gym look, whether you’ve sweated it out in spin and need to get ready in a hurry or spent the morning sofa surfing in your active wear but want to pull together a quick lo-fi look. So, read on for the lowdown, because you’re gonna want to get your mitts on this on-the-go kit asap.

Models wearing maybelline x puma makeup

Color + Gloss Face Duo Stick

This little dynamic duo comprises a gloss-giving highlighter and a punch of poppy cheek colour. So, whether you want to fake that post-workout flush or add a bit of colour into your post-gym face, this nifty little stick is the answer. Apply the coloured side onto cheek apples, blend with fingertips and apply a little gloss on cheekbones to get them popping.  

Smudge-Resistant Mascara

It’s THE desert island product but the hunt for the perfect mascara is kinda like finding the perfect pair of jeans: diff-i-cult. The closest we’ve come? This smudge-resistant marvel. It’s a heavy hitter, offering up to 24 hours of smudge-proof, lash-lengthening wear. The best part? Its natural-looking formula doesn’t clump, flake or fade – the perfect daytime lash lengthener.

Maybelline swatches on models with three different skintones

Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick

If there’s one low-effort way to pull your look together, it’s with a bit of a lip – and the new Maybelline x Puma collection hits the sweet spot. They’re available in five natural-looking, suits-all-skin tones shades that’ll stay put for up to 16 hours of waterproof wear, so you don’t have to lug your whole makeup kit with you around all day (you can leave it in your locker after class).

Matte + Metallic Eye Duo Stick

Mess-, shatter- and spill-proof, making them safe for your gym bag, these twist-up, dual-sided sticks are made for getting ready in a hurry on workouts days. They’re crease-resistant, come in four shades and have an iridescent, metallic shine that looks as if you’ve made maximum effort, when, in reality, you’ve swiped them on and blended them with your fingertips. Sweep up to the brow bone and trace a sliver under lower lids post-workout to get you set for the day.

Chrome Powder Highlight

If you look your best with that endorphin-high, post-gym glow, you’re gonna love this highlighter. Crafted from finely milled powder, it deposits lit-from-within pigments to contour and carve out cheekbones you didn’t know you had. Sweep onto the high points of the face to look fit in a flash.

Can’t wait to get your hands on active, dynamic makeup that goes as hard as you do?

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