still life image of Marc Jacobs new Daisy Twinkle tro

Let’s face it, Marc Jacobs fragrances are iconic. From the classic, feminine scent of Daisy to the sensual, woody notes of Decadence, there’ll always be a welcome spot for an MJ perfume in our collection.

So it really is happy bloomin’ days when the fragrance king adds three more beauties to his collection. The Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle trio is a sparkling reinterpretation of the classic Daisy threesome. The fragrance is refreshingly fresh and floral, in bottles that combine soft violet with gold and yellow. We think they're the perfect scents for those who love anything sweet, light and feminine.


TOP NOTES: wild berries


MID NOTES: violet flower


BASE NOTES: white woods

TOP NOTES: sparkling raspberry


MID NOTES: violet flower and wild rose blossoms


BASE NOTES: crème de cassis

Marc Jacobs Purple, gold and yellow perfume bottle

TOP NOTES: black cherry


MID NOTES: fresh white florals


BASE NOTES: whipped berry mousse

Trust us, we’ve never had so many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ over a perfume that’s just landed on our desk. And we have a LOT of ’em.