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Just landed: L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Scrubs – Superdrug
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Just landed: L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Scrubs

It’s Jan. Our skin’s looking more than a bit blah (if anyone knows a facialist, send them our way), and we’re in desperate need of a pick-me-up. Well, we were until the new L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Scrubs hit the shelves…


Forget a one-scrub-suits-all – these nifty little pots of sweet stuff are beauty-boosting exfoliators designed to zero in on a specific skincare concern. So whether your complexion’s dull, breaking out or just behaving badly, there’s a sure-fire solution.

If December’s fizz and festive frolics have given you skin that’s spottier than your fave polka-dot top, reach for the Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub. Loaded with three fine sugars and kiwi seed, this self-heating formula works hard to unclog pores and sort out impurities, making it a fast-track pass to clear, under-control skin. Winning!


Sun-starved and that girls’ hol to Ibiza feeling like a million months away? The new Smooth Sugars Glow Scrub helps to polish and boost skin, thanks to a hefty dose of luminising grapeseed and monoi oils, which work to gently detoxify skin and reveal a brighter complexion sans redness.

Oh, and if winter’s left you looking a little rough and dried out (yup, us too), the cocoa butter-packed Smooth Sugars Nourish Scrub will leave it baby soft, supple and smooth in a matter of days. The perfect remedy for dehydrated, flaky skin.

How to use them? It’s easy-peasy. Three times a week, apply a small amount of your chosen scrub to a clean face, add a splash of lukewarm water and massage in using a circular motion (avoiding the eye area). We like to do this in the shower, because, well, multitasking. And the best news? All three scrubs can be used on lips, too, to create a smooth base for your lippy. Because no one likes a cracked lip, now do they?  

L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Scrubs are available in store and online now.

L'Oreal Paris L'Oreal Smooth Sugar Glow Grapeseed Face And Lip Scrub 50ml £9.99 Buy Now
L'Oreal Paris L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugar Clear Kiwi Face & Lip Scrub 50ml £9.99 Buy Now
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