If bae’s beard leaves your face red, sore and rawer than your fave sushi dish, you need to know about L’Oreal’s new skincare range for bearded blokes: BarberClub.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the beard is back. A whopping 49% of British men now sport one. But despite almost half of mankind sprouting some kind of facial topiary, 81% of them don’t own a single beard-smoothing product. Crazy, right?  

loreal baber club

L’Oreal’s set to sort that out with a new range of skin – and beard – smoothing buys for men, so you can pucker up without stubble rash.

Whether your guy likes his beard barely-there or he’s sporting full-blown facial hair, the three-step regimes are so quick and easy that he’ll actually stick to them.

The new Beard + Face + Hair 3-in-1 wash, is a one-step solution that tackles daily grime and dirt, eliminates ‘beardruff’ and softens thick, itchy hair.

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Then he can pick between Short Beard + Face Moisturiser – a dab hand at moisturising and softening short facial hair – and the Long Beard + Skin Oil – which tames and softens fully-fledged beards to hydrate, soften and smooth skin.

Finally, the seriously smart Beard + Hair Styling Cream does double duty, styling his beard and locks in one fell swoop.

And if he wants to shave it all away and start again? Well, then there’s the Contour Shave Cream formulated with skin-softening cedar wood essential oil.  

OK, so it’s technically a treat for him, but who’ll be the real winner when his face is seriouslyyy smooth?

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