‘Mom jeans’ feeling more like skinnies after Christmas? Yup, us too. So when the new LighterLife Fast Smoothies and Mousses landed on our desk, we decided to test whether they’d help give our winter weight the heave-ho...


We don’t know about you, but for us January equals al-desko lunches, lunchtime gym classes, pledging to eat a little more healthily and maybe even a few whispers about dry January (sigh). But when the new LighterLife Fast Berry, Vanilla and Chocolate Smoothies and Raspberry Mousse hit the DARE desk, we thanked the weight loss gods. Not only are they devilishly tempting and super-tasty, they’ve helped us shift a couple of pounds, too.

How? Well, they’re packed with flavour (win!) and high in protein (double win!), and contain zero added sugar (triple win!). Two days a week we ‘fasted’ with four LighterLife Fast meals – which didn’t feel like much of a fast as we enjoyed. eating. it. all. Then, the rest of the week, we just ate pretty healthily. Easy, right?

If you’re worried about taste, don’t be. This isn’t dull diet food. With delish ingredients such as quinoa and strawberry pieces, they taste just like our fave smoothies. And at £1.50 per meal (you add your own milk – we chose almond, but go for oat, hazelnut, dairy, whatever floats your boat), they were a damn sight cheaper.  

Our favourite thing of all? We didn’t have to ditch the dessert *does a happy dance*. The new Raspberry Mousse nixed our sugar cravings. With its protein and fibre, it’s filling, and it’s super-easy to prepare: you just add water (hello office easiness).

Yeah, we know, a diet where you can say yes to pudding, eat tasty nutritious meals and still reach your weight loss goals sounds like a myth – but it isn’t. Our looser-fitting jeans are well and truly proof.

LighterLife Fast LighterLife Fast Berry Smoothie £17.99 Buy Now
LighterLife Fast LighterLife Fast Vanilla Smoothie £17.99 Buy Now
LighterLife Fast LighterLife Fast Chocolate Smoothie £17.99 Buy Now