flat lay shot of I Heart Revolution new bath and body products

The cutest makeup brand on the high street has just added a brand-new bath and body collection to the mix. That’s right, I Heart Revolution has filled our bath time with their signature yumminess and we’re having a hard time resisting the urge to splurge. Bottom line – we’re obsessed and it’s easy to see why.

flat lay shot of I Heart Revolution new bath and body products

Scents to suit you

Body mists are EVERYTHING and the folks at I Heart Revolution know how to do it. ­They just released five new body splashes that’ll take you from blah to beaut in a spritz or two. Love their character-themed collections? Well the unicorns and mermaids among you now have your very own tailor-made scent to match your mythical alter ego – sherbet goodness for Unicorn Sparkle and coconut waves for Mermaid Splash. There’s also a new character in town – Angel Kiss, for fans of fresh ‘n’ fruity.

More of a berry scent lover? Not to worry, you’ll get your fix with Pink Dream. And last, but not least, Soph from @sophdoesnails has collaborated with I Heart Revolution to create Vanilla and Crème Brule Mist. Perfect for all you dessert lovers. Which one will you go for?

I Heart Revolution I Heart Revolution Mermaid Splash Body Mist £8.00 Buy Now

Pamper in a packet

There’s just something about stuff that looks and smells like sweets… especially for bath time. It makes everything feel like even more of a treat. For some fizzy fun in the bath, drop in a Mermaid Splash or Unicorn Fizz foaming bath heart. The mermaids smell like delicious sweet strawberries and the unicorns pack a punch of zingy lime. Conclusion? These little packets are going straight in our baskets!

And pamper time isn’t over yet! There’s I Heart Revolution’s sweet-smelling, gorgeous-feeling Vanilla Body Scrub. Whether you’re prepping for fake tan or just need to soften up that skin of yours, this is the sweetest product for the job.

Balls of joy

Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb? They’re fun and relaxing all at once. And there’s a bunch to choose from – six to be exact – and we love each and every one…

Mermaid Splash – releases a fresh aquatic scent and glitter, for all you beach babes out there.

Unicorn Sparkle – smells like a tropical breeze and comes with added stars and glitter, releasing some magical into your water.

Angel Fizz – sweet and fruity and perfectly pink, for a proper pamper sesh.

Pink Dream – this berry-tastic bath bomb needs to be in your life asap.

Rose Gold Dip – if you prefer rich, sweet scents, pop this coffee and vanilla bath bomb in your water, for instant luxury.

Golden Dip – this pineapple bath bomb will take you straight to the tropics and into a beach-y haze.

Twist ‘n’ spin

Take your fizz to the next level with one of I Heart Revolution’s star-shaped spinners. These swirly wonders look super cute and release a bunch of essential oils, too. Expect seriously soft skin post-soak. Choose from sweet berry, dreamy vanilla or fresh aquatic scents and find your fave.