New Cutex

Have you seen the coolest new nail care brand in town? Oh, these look familiar… That’s right, these are the totally freshly revamped Cutex nail varnish removers, cuticle erasers, ridge fillers and even nail concealers!

New Cutex
Cutex Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover 200ml £2.15 Buy Now
Cutex Cutex Strength-Shield Nail Polish Remover 100ml £1.59 Buy Now

What Makes the Cutex Formula Unique?

Cutex is an innovative care brand providing a full-range of comprehensive solutions for nail, hand, and foot care.

Cutex nail varnish removers are up to 98% acetone and an oil blend. This unique mix helps to nourish and promote healthy nails.

Don’t expect anything less than salon quality. These nail polish removers can help take off even the toughest polishes (dark colours and glitters) quickly and easily without causing any dreaded white marks on nails!

The formula is not only functional but also helps strengthen nails by improving flexibility for less breakage.

New Cutex
Cutex Cutex All-In-One Nail Strengthener Treatment 15ml £4.99 Buy Now
Cutex Cutex Cuticle Eraser 15ml £8.99 Buy Now