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Just Landed: B. Boosters – Superdrug
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Just Landed: B. Boosters

B boosters

Winter weather sending your skin into a spin? With the cold drying up all our radiance, it’s vital that we up the ante in our skincare routines, and the best way to do it is with high concentrations of active ingredients. Enter B. Hydrated and B. Glowing Boosters. Based on the Korean trend of using ‘ampoules’ as and when your skin needs extra support, these little bottles of skin luvvin’ are gonna seriously solve your face’s winter blues.

B boosters

Boost your beauty routine

On winter skincare, Meg Potter, Superdrug’s Head of Beauty, says, ‘At this time of year, we all want to give our skin a little boost. But you don’t have to buy a whole new routine.’ That’s where B. Boosters come in. You can use them on their own by smoothing over cleansed skin, morning and night, or try add a few drops and mixing with your favourite moisturiser before application. Both boosters contain highly concentrated levels of active ingredients, which, when added to your skincare routine, give it... well – a boost! Here’s how they work…

B. Hydrated Booster

Using the hydrating power of hyaluronic should really be a no-brainer in the winter months. The combination of cold weather and toasty warm central heating can really dry out your skin, but this humectant can solve all those woes and it’s found in abundance in this booster. Along with a nourishing blend of three Australian super-fruits, this winter skin must-have will also soften and freshen up your skin. In fact, after just one week’s use, 79% of testers agreed that their skin felt more hydrated, and 73% said their complexion looked fresher… we’ll take it!

B. Glowing Booster

A build-up of dead skin cells can result in your face looking less than its best – but dull skin is never a good look, and we’ll be chasing that summer hols radiance all winter if we have to. This booster is a blend of fruit acid from Australian limes and it’s gonna gently exfoliate your skin to reveal a newer, brighter-looking complexion. Sound too good to be true? It’s not – 76% of testers agreed that using this product left their skin looking more radiant after just two weeks. Win!

Wanna know the best bit? At the moment these little beauties are buy one get one free, so you can try both! Nifty, we know. 

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