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Glitter Lips – Drink, Kiss & Party Proof‎ – Superdrug
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Glitter Lips – Drink, Kiss & Party Proof‎


What is it? We hear you say- Its Glitter for your Lips!

You may find your makeup routine is becoming repetitive and in need of a splash of glamour, so we have found the perfect solution for this. Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard provides a statement look with easy application and long lasting effects. 

Get a dramatic look – hassle free.


With just one application Glitter Lips can last up to 8 hours! Every colour provides high impact, durability and is both water and smudge proof, so you can enjoy your night out on the town without losing any sparkle.

Each of the 10 shades including Ruby Slippers and Diamond in the Buff provide 25 applications for you to wear time and time again.

How to Apply Glitter Lips

Apply your base makeup first – Glitter Lips should be the last product you use on your face.

  1. Ensure your lips are clean and dry, start by using a sharp lip liner to draw around your lip shape. This will act as a guideline as to where you would like the glitter to be applied.
  2. Apply the gloss bond to your lips - this acts as a base for the glitter to stick to and will keep the glitter in place. Carefully cover all of your lip including the corners and bow of your lip. Your lips should now be fully glossed!
  3. To begin adding the sparkle, dip the brush into the glitter pot and tap on the side of the pot to shake off any excess glitter. This will also help for more efficient application. You can always add more after for thicker, bolder layers.
  4. Covering all glossed areas of your lips, use a dabbing motion to apply the glitter. Press the sponge onto your lips and release gently.

    Tip: Don’t worry if you get glitter outside the glossed areas as you can easily brush this off with a large blusher brush after full application.

  5. Lastly, using the same dabbing motion, pat along your lips with your finger to ensure any areas the brush couldn’t reach are covered.

    While doing this, if patches feel sticky from the gloss apply more glitter to these areas.


How to Remove Glitter Lips

Removal of your Glitter Lips is just as easy as the application. To do this you will need:

  • A cotton pad
  • Oil based make-up remover
  1. Begin by applying a few drops of an oil based makeup remover to the pad and flatly press this over your lips. Hold onto the lips for a few seconds to allow the oil to penetrate through the glitter and the gloss bond. Try to not hold for too long as lips may become sore.
  2. Using a circular motion wipe the glitter and gloss off your lips until completely removed,  your lips should now be back to their original state.

    Tip: If you find that your lips feel dry or sore, apply a lip balm or moisturiser to replenish any moisture that may have been lost.

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