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Showcase: Enertor Insoles – Superdrug
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Showcase: Enertor Insoles

Worn and endorsed by Usain Bolt and created using cutting edge technology Enertor insoles are unrivalled in the market. Enertor  insoles are scientifically proven to improve performance and reduce the risk of muscle injury whether playing sport, running or hiking.

They aren't just for athletes, Enertor insoles can be worn every day to improve support and comfort.



The D30 Technology

So what makes Enertor insole so special? That would be the cutting edge, patented D30 technology. 

When resting, the particles inside the D30 technology are able to move freely, creating a putty-like texture which molds to your feet. This acts as a cushion for your foot.

Once you begin to move, the particles will instantly lock together, soaking up and releasing energy through the surface of your foot. The more impact you have with your foot and ground, the more protection the D30 will provide for you, supporting your feet every step of the way. As soon as your feet are done with impacting, the D30 technology goes back to a soft putty, creating comfort and support when resting.   


Facts and Figures

  • The patented D30 technology within the insoles have been proved to reduce shock by 44%.
  • The materials used in Enertor insoles increase foot function and help with performance with a reported 36% of energy being returned back to the user with every step.


Uses and benefits of Enertor insoles

Lack of foot support when being active can lead to serious issues such as plantar fasciitis (heel pain), painful bunions and ingrown toenails. Enertor insoles offer great support for whatever sport you’re looking to get involved in:

  • Football: you’re able to take to the field with quickness and support when using Enertor insoles.
  • Running: you’ll be able to run faster, for much longer, on the track and even in the streets with Enertor insoles.
  • Hiking: with Enertor insoles, you’ll be able to go on an adventure in complete comfort.
  • Tennis: you’ll be able to perform with agility on the court with added protection from Enertor insoles.

Enertor has taken insoles to a whole new level. Even if you thought you never needed insoles before, Enertor will give you that extra power you need to help achieve your goals and take you to the next level.

Give them a go and watch this insole handle the support of your feet to the fullest. Break limits today!


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