We know we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but what about judging a perfume by its bottle? That’s OK, right? Step forward the incredibly Instagrammable brand-new Carolina Herrera Good Girl fragrance. The sleek stiletto-shaped dark blue flacon is made for filling your feed, and the scent inside is equally attention grabbing.

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Created with a unique spray mechanism, which took four years to perfect, it was well worth the wait. Glamorous, grown-up and feminine, it’s a perfume made for first dates and dressed-up nights out. The unusual blend of heady jasmine and rich cocoa means it’s both bright and floral and intense and intoxicating, while almond and coffee notes give it a dark, expensive twist.

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The sexy new scent has also made its way into a bath and shower gel and a body cream, so you can layer up and make your fragrance last longer. Sold yet? Did we mention Karlie Kloss is the face? If it’s good enough for a supermodel….