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Just Landed: C.A.K.E. Cosmetics – Superdrug
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Just Landed: C.A.K.E. Cosmetics

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We catch up with Stevie Newman, the founder of C.A.K.E. Cosmetics (Cosmetic Artistry Keeping Effective), who shares some fantastic makeup tips, and talks about her latest beauty must-haves.

Stevie Newman Cake Cosmetics.

Superdrug: What is that one shade of lipstick that should be in every girl’s makeup bag?

Stevie: Red lipstick for me is the little black dress of the makeup world. It can be worn for any occasion, it's bold and if you have small or thin lips, it helps give the illusion of a fuller lip.

Superdrug : What makes C.A.K.E. Cosmetics truly unique?

Stevie: We offer a vast range of foundations that are targeted at different undertones of customers that have medium to darker skin tones.

For example, you can get two customers that at first appear to have a similar complexion but if they bought the same foundation one could be more yellow and the other more neutral. This is why we are creating products that adapt to all skin types. 

Plus, our products have a luxurious formula that is easy to blend into the skin without having to pay the whopping price tag.

Superdrug: What should we look out for when choosing a foundation?

Stevie: There are three key things you need to look for when choosing a foundation. First, the undertone. If you look carefully, each foundation has either a yellow, pink/reddish or very neutral tint to it. To avoid having an "ashy" complexion you must know what undertone you are. 

Secondly, how it feels on your skin is very important as you still want to feel like you're not wearing makeup even if it's full coverage. 

Finally, know your skin type: Are you oily, dry, combination, sensitive or normal. The ingredients play an important role in how the foundation glides across your skin and how it makes your skin look.

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What is my undertone?


Not sure what your undertone is? No to worry. Simply follow our three-step test and find out:

  • Does your tan go golden or rosy? If your tan goes straight to golden, chances are your skin has a warm undertone. If you are very fair and your skin goes pink (or if you are medium - rosy and then tans), it is more likely that you have a cold undertone.
  • Look at your wrist, more specifically at the colour of your veins. If the colours you see are predominantly purple and blue, your undertone is cold. If blue and purple don’t appear as much and your skin has a yellow tint to it, you have a warm undertone.
  • What if I can’t determine what undertone am I? This most likely means that you have a neutral undertone, meaning both warm and cool tones work for you.

Superdrug:  What excites you the most about C.A.K.E appearing in Superdrug stores?

Stevie: When we started the idea of C.A.K.E Cosmetics, the main aim was to appear in Superdrug. That's where makeup discovery starts for many. Growing up, I would save my pocket money and go into Superdrug to buy makeup from well-known brands to play around with. 

When we created the brand we wanted teenagers to have that experience. I am so happy that what I did as a young female is now happening to the younger generation shopping at Superdrug with my own brand. It is the biggest "pinch me now" moment. 

Superdrug: What are your top three must-have items from the entire range?

Stevie: Our red lipstick, Glamour Puss, the Tropicana blusher and N95 cream foundation. If you have fair skin, it's perfect for contouring or if you have a deeper tone - you can use it as a highlighter.

Superdrug: What cosmetics from the C.A.K.E. range would you recommend for beauty lovers who are into adventurous colours?

Stevie: Our Blackberry lipstick is very daring and bold. It looks great on every skin tone and will definitely help you stand out from the rest.

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Superdrug: What inspires you when coming up with product names, for example Aphrodite, Belgium, Movie Star?

Stevie: I look at its individuality and assess what I feel would represent that product.  I think their unique names add to their personalities!

Superdrug: What is the future for C.A.K.E. Cosmetics? What products would you like to include next?

Stevie: We have a handful of exciting products to come out later this year that include liquid foundations that are absolutely beautiful. We are also in the middle of creating our first eye shadow palette which is going to be every girls’ or boys’ makeup wardrobe must have.

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