Bio Essence Capsule Collection

Are you ready to give your beauty kit the Midas touch? Yes, you did read that correctly. Bio-Essence have put our favourite jewellery box hue to great use with a collection infused with flecks of 24k gold – perfect for getting a glamorous glow on this summer.

Bio Essence Capsule Collection

Is Gold a Gimmick?

Jam-packed with powerful properties, these luxurious specs of gold will do far more than shimmer. When absorbed by the skin, they release active gold ions rich in trace minerals. A superior anti-oxidant, which blocks away free radicals to help skin defy signs of ageing, they are super kind to skin.

Also responsible for promoting blood and oxygen circulation – which in turn improves skin cell metabolism – this active ingredient stimulates the production of collagen for a plumper, youthful finish.

Combined with the brand’s Bio-Energy Fluid, every product within the range boast fast and deep skin absorption for complete revitalisation.

The Complete Collection

Discover all the kind-to-skin products in the glittering range and follow the full 6-step routine:

Bio Essence 24K Gold Day Cleanser

A super-absorbent cleanser that lathers into a rich, fine foam, this will fast-become a vital step in your daily routine.

It works to gently cleanse away oil accumulated overnight without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

Formulated with 24K Bio-Gold, Bio Mineral Amino Acid, Bio Rice Fermentation Essence and precious herbal extracts, it's rich in anti-oxidants to help skin fight against free radicals, protecting skin from premature ageing.  

Bio Essence 24K Gold Night Cleanser

Designed to effectively remove pollutants, make-up and stubborn residue, this luxurious night cleanser is a vital end-of-day step to hit reset on your complexion.

Boasting a creamy, rich texture, this will nourish skin and will not strip skin’s moisture even after thorough cleansing.

Rich in anti-oxidants, it also helps skin to fight against free radicals and protects skin from premature ageing while skin renews, regenerates and repairs at night.

Bio Essence 24K Gold Water

With a composition as light as water, with the benefits similar to that of a serum, this unique product has been designed to ignite a glow.

Ideal for both day and night usage, the hard-working formula works to tighten pores, improve skin’s elasticity, balance sebum production, and activate skin renewal.

Bio Essence 24K Gold Day Cream SPF25

Enriched with SPF25 and anti-oxidants, this cream will keep skin protected and radiant throughout the day. 

Boasting a non-greasy formula that’s rapidly absorbed by the face and neck, it’ll keep skin perfectly moisturised.

Bio Essence Bio Essence 24K Gold Day Cream SPF25 40g £11.99 Buy Now
Bio Essence Bio Essence 24K Gold Night Cream 40g £11.99 Buy Now

Bio Essence 24K Gold Night Cream

Designed to help skin recharge and restore radiance while your catching those Zzzz’s, applying this night cream will result in the ultimate ‘beauty sleep.’

An intensively nourishing moisturiser which helps to defy and reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck – get set to rewind the clock.

Bio Essence 24K Gold Miracle Finish

There’s no good reaching complexion perfection if external influences ruin all your hard work the minute you step out of the door. So, lock in that moisture and put up a protective beauty shield with this hard-working formula.

With its lightweight, breathable texture, this will instantly lock in prior skincare nutrients to prevent moisture loss.

Setting to a matte (not shiny) finish, it provides the perfect base layer for makeup application.

Enriched with 24K Bio-Gold, Bio Mineral Amino Acid, Bio Energy Fluid and anti-oxidants, it’s designed as the last step of your skincare regime.