There are three ways we want our skin to look in winter: tanned, tanned and, oh, tanned. But if you don’t have the cash to splash on a spray tan, and a plane ticket to Bali’s gonna break the budget (those Christmas presents aren’t going to buy themselves now, are they?), meet this little shot of sunshine from B. Cosmetics.


Designed to light up your life (and your complexion), the new B. Energised Sunshine Vitamin Shot leaves skin looking as if it’s soaked up some serious St Tropez rays for a purse-friendly £12.99. Winning.

But how does it work, we hear you ask? It’s all about the ingredients. Namely chicory root extract. No, not something you throw in your salad, this nifty little natural ingredient mimics the effect of vitamin D on the skin. We’re talking radiance, we’re talking evenness and we’re talking sunkissed colour. And who doesn’t want all those in the middle of winter?

B. Skincare B. Energised Sunshine Vitamin Shot 30ml £12.99 Buy Now

And, of course, as you’d expect from B. Cosmetics, this little lotion is packed with anti-agers, including biosaccharide gum-1, which shields skin from environmental aggressors. Just switch it in for your go-to day cream, and in a matter of weeks you’ll be left with Gigi Hadid levels of glow.

Yup, we’ve got your back.

Skincare is available at Superdrug stores across the country.  B. Energised Sunshine Vitamin Shot, £12.99, is available in December.