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Top 10 Valentine’s Day ideas – Superdrug
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Top 10 Valentine’s Day ideas

Guys and girls, just in case you hadn’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re head over heels in love, planning to finally tell your crush you’re into them or you're having a gals day only with your BFF's, we've come up with some creative Valentine's Day ideas, including dates and gifts, to help you make it a day to remember!

To you, from us, with love!

1. Recreate your first ever date

If you and your beau have been together a while, how about taking a trip down memory lane and recreating your first ever date together? See who can remember the most details and celebrate the years you’ve been total #CoupleGoals for.

2. Glide into each other’s hearts

Whether you’re dragging each other around the rink or you can skate like pros, there’s something totally romantic about skating hand in hand on an ice rink. Plus, if one of you is unsteady on your skates you can hold on tightly to the other throughout your date and always be close!


3. Host your own wine tasting

Mix things up by hosting a wine tasting date from the comfort of your own home. Play guess the wine and try some new flavours outside your usual go-to bottle of Prosecco!

4. Get your game on  

If fancy meals or long romantic walks aren’t your thing, why not let your mischievous and competitive side out this Valentine’s Day? Don’t own board games? Play truth or dare and the more imaginative your questions the better!

5. Hobby swap

Spend half the day doing your favourite hobby than the second half doing you lover’s favourite past time.  Who knows, you may find a new hidden talent when trying your partners activity!


6. Pop the Champagne

Whoever said day time dates were overrated had obviously never been to a Champagne brunch before! Wine and dine with each other while reminiscing about the time you have spent together until the sun sets and beyond.

7. A treasure map to the heart  

Plan your own treasure hunt with thoughtful clues along the way or even little gifts. Why not finish at your favourite restaurant and then enjoy a romantic meal for two?

8. Not your average movie & meal

Forget scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch - design your own movie and meal themed night! Think ‘Mama Mia’ and Greek tapas or ‘Life of Pi’ with a delicious home made Indian feast!


9. All the lol's 

Laughter is the way to most people’s hearts, so find a good comedy club in town that you know will guarantee an evening of giggles!

10. A blissful spa day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason for a little bit of couples pampering. Book into a spa for the day and leave your worries behind with a romantic massage for two. 

Valentine's Day ideas for her

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Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Superdrug!

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