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Always rushing to get all of your Christmas gifts at the last minute? Not this year. We’ve put together the best tips and tricks to take the stress out of gift giving and leave room only for festive cheer.

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Step 1: Make a List

Just like Santa, write down all the names of the people that you’d like to give a gift to this year. Don’t worry about budget as yet – simply write down the names. Think of your family, loved ones, people who have previously surprised you with lovely presents and possibly that fun Secret Santa activity at work.

Step 2: Decide on Your Budget For Each Person

Now that you have the list ready, it’s time to get realistic. Look at your overall budget and distribute it across the list – it’s up to you who’d you like to spend more or less on. It’s best to know how much you’d like to spend per person rather than just in general, as it will make it easier when picking out gifts. Doing so will ensure you don’t go out of budget, which a lot of us are often tempted to do!

Step 3: Plan Your Shopping

Put a game plan together. Decide on what gifts you’d like to get online and which presents you’d like to pick out from the shops. We’ve come up with a few gift ideas for a budget of £5, £10 and £20.

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Gift Ideas For Under £5

Gift Ideas For Under £10

Gift Ideas For Under £20

More Gift Ideas

Keen on something extra? Have a look at our perfume for women and aftershave for men gift guides for some extra inspiration. Also, if you wanted to get a loved one (or yourself, we won't judge!) an extra treat, why not look at some beautiful gift ideas that are a bit pricier, but definitely worth the investment.

Step 4: Get Crafty

Gifts that come from the heart don’t have to cost a fortune or sometimes anything at all. If you are feeling crafty, why not create something? From beautiful vases to personalised mugs or mason jars – you might just make a loved one really happy without spending a penny.

Step 5: Decorate

Now that you have bought (or made) all of your gifts, think about the presentation. Gift wrapping can be fun – we tested some of the hacks. If this is not for you, go for a lovely gift bag or ask if the shop or online retailer can gift wrap if for you – a lot of them will be happy to do it for free.