Mother's Day Yellow

Looking for ways to make your mum smile this Mother’s Day? We’ve got some great ideas for you that'll make her feel loved, appreciated and very special.

Mother's Day Yellow

Makeup for Mum

This is the perfect opportunity to get your mum that lipstick shade she always wanted or inspire her to try a new eye shadow technique. Cosmetics are all about fun no matter your age, so going for some luxurious makeup is an amazing idea if your mum loves to play around with beauty looks. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic red lipstick or a handy lip kit.

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Mother’s Day Skincare

If your mum is into skincare, you’re in luck! There’s never been more choice of moisturisers, night creams, serums, micellar water, contouring creams and more! Before you venture out to get a present for your mum, find out what is her skin type: Normal, dry, combination or oily. This is to make sure you get the right kind of skincare that targets her particular concerns. Go on, do some detective work! Have a peek at what skincare she uses currently – or drop the question into a conversation like: “I feel I need to switch my moisturiser – do you change your skincare routine often yourself?”

Fragrance for Mum

If your mum loves flowers, you can’t go wrong with a romantic floral fragrance. Shop around and find the right combination of base, top and core notes, or go for a tried and tested classic scent. To continue the floral theme – why not also grab a beautiful bouquet to make your mum smile?

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A Pampered Mum

Some of us love showers, some of us love a good soak in a bath after a long day. If your mum is one of the latter, go for an indulgent bath set or a scented candle set so that she could truly enjoy her me-time. Opt for luscious, sweet and relaxing scents with honey, vanilla or rose.

Other Presents for Mum

If skincare, fragrance or makeup is not what you’re looking for, beauty electricals are always a good idea. Sonic facial brushes, pedicure sets, tanning compressors can all work depending on what your mum likes. Other options include hair straighteners, curlers and hair dryers. If your mum adores all things hair, investing in a beautiful, high quality hair styler for her could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. From elaborate updos, braids, curls and classic styles to edgy looks, we’ve got a ton of hair tutorials to keep her inspired too.

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A Mother’s Day Outing

As our busy schedules get even busier, having time for each other becomes a luxury, don’t fall into that trap. Spend time with your mum this Mother’s Day instead of just posting a card or Whatsapping her. Pop into one of our Superdrug Beauty Studios and get some wonderful treatments done together: From manicures, eyelash tinting to hair styling, find your closest Beauty Studio and enjoy some pampering.