Christmas traditions including glasses of bubbles, Christmas tree and food

Whether you love or loathe it, Christmas is on its way and boy, have we missed it! The thought of wearing pjs all day, eating too much food and wearing a funny hat from a cracker. Yes please!

As we gear up for the festive season, it got us thinking at Superdrug HQ… what do we get up to every year that we only do at Christmas? Here's a round up on our faves and a sneaky peek at a few things you can pick up in our Christmas shop...

Food Glorious Food

Where do we start!? Mince pies, pigs in blankets, roast dinner, turkey sandwiches, bubble and squeak - the list of delicious food is endless! Did you know, in South Africa, they eat deep-fried caterpillars at Christmas? Gross! We’re glad that hasn’t made it to our nearest supermarket!

If you have space after your third helping of turkey and potatoes, then you’ll find a mouth-watering choice of sweets and chocolates at Superdrug to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bring on the Baubles!

Choosing and decorating the tree is the most festive tradition we love. Do you? From deciding the lights outside to the colour theme for the year. Annoyingly there’s always a bauble that manages to smash within the first 2 seconds of being placed on the tree! Clumsy like us? No worries! Go for one of our chocolate or beauty filled baubles instead!

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Superdrug Christmas Advent Calendars and pampering gifts

Festive Stockings

No matter how old we are, we still expect a stocking filled with goodies at the end of our bed or on the fireplace - and hopefully coal free! We’ve been *really* good this year and are hoping (more everything crossed vibes!) for a new perfume to be at the end of our bed!

Secret Santa

This should be the easiest gift to buy but sometimes, it’s the hardest. You either get lucky and pull someone you know out of the hat or that guy from IT who you think is called Dave but actually Chris? Anyway… Superdrug has some cracking Secret Santa gifts at a wide range of prices to help you find the best office-appropriate gift!

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A Glass of Fizz... or Two!

With Christmas and overindulging in food comes overindulging in booze and the dreaded hangover that lasts from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. If just a sniff of sherry is enough to make you feel tipsy or you’re crawling home at 4am on Christmas morning, Superdrug has plenty of pampering products to help you get yourself back to your usual cheerful self before your Nan arrives for lunch!

The Countdown to Christmas Starts Here…

When you were a kid, the countdown to Christmas was made even more exciting with the promise of a mini chocolate hiding behind the doors of your advent calendar. Now, take that delight you felt as a kid and amplify it with a beauty filled advent calendar! Yes, that’s right- it’s almost like opening up a little prezzie to yourself everyday for weeks!

Christmas will come around in all its glittery glory in no time! So, why not start ticking off names off your pressy list right away? Check our our Christmas Store below to discover gifts suitable for all!