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The ultimate spray tan fail has got to be a streaky finish – never a good look! Whether you’ve experienced the shame of zebra stripes in the past or are new to the world of ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ our tanning tips are here to help you avoid any faux pas.

Discover exactly what to do before a spray tan so that your time in the booth results in a natural finish.

How to prep before a spray tan

What Will I Need to Prep the Skin Before a Spray Tan? 

To buff and prep your skin before heading to the pros, make sure you stock up your bathroom cabinet with a body scrub, exfoliator mitt and nourishing cream.

Tip 1: Exfoliate

If you can only squeeze in one step before your spray tan, then this is it. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Buffing out the skin will give your beauty therapist a clean canvas to work with and it will mean the colour will not go darker on any dry/dead skin spots.

Start off by using an exfoliator mitt all over, paying close attention to the elbows, ankles and collarbones.  Follow this up with a body scrub and wash off in the shower.

Tip 2: Moisturise

After the deep exfoliation your skin will be craving some moisture, so keep it hydrating with a nourishing cream. This will also help the tan apply more evenly on to the skin.

Tip 3: Fresh-faced

Our face can sometimes get neglected in the spray tan prep. And do you blame us, when our spray booth session is usually straight from work? Instead of accepting a face wipe from your therapist pre-appointment make sure you take the time to thoroughly cleanse your face and rid your skin of all makeup and debris from the day. Follow up with a moisturiser to get the best ‘clean slate’ base for the tanning solution.  

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