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What to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair Short – Superdrug
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What to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair Short

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Cutting your hair short can be both terrifying and liberating. It’s a bold move to make for anyone that possesses long locks, and you don’t want it to be a choice that you regret. If your mind isn’t quite made up, then let us help you consider a few things before you take the plunge.

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Figure Out Your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape has many beauty perks: you can find the best way to wear your makeup as well as how your hair can frame and flatter your face. When there are so many styles of short hair-do's around, it’s no surprise that not every single one will suit you.

More prominent shaped faces such as square or heart shaped are best to opt for a softer short hair style. Go for a swept back bob as this will soften your features and place less emphasis on your chin area, which is usually your most prominent feature.

Those with round or oval faces are lucky as there will be most styles that you can experiment with, as the restrictions of a sharper jaw or chin are not considered. A short bob will work well with these shape faces. Adding a fringe such as bangs to the look will add more angles to the face, making them more interesting and highlighting your facial features more.

TIP: If you are still unsure on what will suit you then bringing along pictures of styles you like will help narrow down the best style for your face shape.

Hair Texture

Whether you were blessed with straight or curly hair, considering your hairs texture is important before chopping your locks.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair you can cut in some layers. This will take off some of the weight of the hair without looking blunt. It will also allow your curls to pop.

Use a curl enhancer spray or serum to really be bold with the look.

Straight Hair

If you have straight, fine hair then going for a short hairdo can thicken your locks.  This can be done by adding in layers and making it look more dimensional. 

Those with luscious thick hair should go for the blunt bob look.  This style makes it easier for you to trim yourself which you can do with hairdressing scissors.


With shorter hair, everything will seem more obvious. Your roots will appear to grow quicker because there is less hair for them to grow into. Therefore it’s best to go for a block colour. Find a shade that warms your face, as shorter hairdo's can often make your features appear hardened. 

A home dye kit will become your saviour if you get the colour right. It will save you lots of trips to the salon, thus lots of money spent on upkeep. Why not try a shade darker so you can avoid the dreaded roots.

New Hair, New Routine

With your new hair comes a new hair routine. A short hairstyle goes hand in hand with sleek, silky hair. Use oils or serums on your hair to achieve this look.These are to be applied to wet hair, and will give your hair the softness and bounce you've always desired. 

Wash your hair every day. It won’t be as time consuming as there is less hair to dry. Short hair will look greasier quicker so washing it frequently will help your keep your confidence with your new-do.

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If you decide to take the plunge and then automatically regret it, then just remember that this isn’t forever. Good hair care will keep your hair healthy and grow back quicker.

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