Is your skincare collection a little OTT? Is it taking over your bathroom? We’re talking moisturisers, cleansers, exfoliators, masks in all kinds of formulas, sprays, spritzes, toners, elixirs, night and day creams… Oh boy, the list goes on!

Does that sound familiar? If so, the latest skincare trend loved by Korean millennial's, and lovers of K-Beauty in general, may be just what you need. Say hello to skip-care!

What is skip-care?

In a nutshell, skip-care is all about paring down your skincare routine and keeping the products you use to a minimum. Sounds like common sense, hey? But before you go sweeping all your products off your shelf in one dramatic motion, the key to this trend is to identify the key ingredients, which your skin can’t get enough of, and to incorporate this into your daily routine in multi-use products.

Think super-hydrating, antioxidant filled serums, exfoliating cleansers and all-rounder moisturisers that hydrate, protect and prime your skin ready for makeup.

Close up of a youthful female model applying moisturizer to her face. Young korean woman applying moisturizer cream on her pretty face against beige background.

The Benefits

Skip care is beauty minimalism at its best with an abundance of benefits:

  • The obvious one – save on time!

We all have those days where even wiping our makeup off feels like a massive chore, so combining your products into a few hardworking multi-use products is a great time saving option.

  • Be confident that the products you are using are actually working

Although a multi-step routine may feel like your doing you're skin the world of good, but in reality, do you know if they are all working as hard as each other or at all? Using multiple products runs the risk of causing your skin irritation, so by streamlining what you put on your skin you can be sure those few products are actually working in harmony with each other and your skin!

  • Save your pennies

Who doesn’t like to save money here and there?! Multi-functional products cut down on your beauty spend – it’s as simple as that!

So, what should I be using?

Go back to basics - cleanse, moisturise and protect. Or tweak the combination to suit your skins needs - you may want to throw an exfoliator in there or an essence - a highly concentrated, lightweight treatment favoured by K-Beauty lovers.

If you're looking to Marie Kondo your skincare stash (yes, that’s now a thing) then here are a few hard-working products to simplify your beauty routine:


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