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Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup – Superdrug
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Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup

No matter your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to get your glam on! This fun and flirtatious look, using all B. cosmetics, is perfect for a romantic dinner with your long-time love, a cute Galantine’s Day night in or if you’re meeting up with that hottie you swiped right for!  Follow these steps to create a flawless look that’ll pretty much make everyone fall in love with you!

B. V-day ready  

Step 1: First base

Keep your base light and flawless by applying the B. concealer under the eyes and to any areas you want to accentuate. For more coverage, try the B. foundation, but remember to keep it as natural as possible for glowy skin.

Step 2:  Ticked pink

Draw their attention to your eyes with a pink eye shadow or blusher on your lids. Pack on the colour until you achieve your desired look.

Step 3: Love at first sight

Add a touch of highlighter to the corner of your eyes to make them pop. Trust us, they won’t be able to take their eyes off you!

B. Cosmetics B. Flawless Concealer Light 8ml £5.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Blusher Cheeky £7.99 Buy Now

Step 4: Be cheeky

Lightly define your cheekbones with B’s matte contour palette for a gorgeous, sculpted look.

Step 5: Make me blush

Lightly sweep your blusher to the apples of your cheeks and blend for an effortlessly rosy look (and with any luck, this won’t be the only reason your blushing on your date!).

Step 6: Flutter your eye lashes

Ensure your eyes stand out with a layer of voluminous black mascara.

B. Cosmetics B. Pro Contour Kit Light/Medium £4.49 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Volumizing Mascara £9.99 Buy Now

Step 7: Kiss me quick

If your hoping for a romantic kiss under the stars this Valentines, ensure your liquid lip stays put (and looks lush all night long) with B’s matt liquid lipstick. Blend with your finger to soften the look and don’t forget to pop in your bag for any mid-date touch ups.

Step 8: Stay with me

Finally, keep your playful makeup look in place all date-long with a generous spritz of B’s setting spray. Close your eyes and dream of your upcoming date!

B. Cosmetics B. Matte Liquid Lipstick Pinky Promise £6.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Pro Makeup Setting Spray £6.99 Buy Now

For more Valentine's Day inspiration, including the perfect gift and date night ideas that would earn you total partner points, simply click the pink button below - mwah! 

Happy Valentine's Day from Superdrug xxx

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