Beautiful female with red lips and black eyeliner

There’s something very alluring and elegant about vintage makeup. Favoured by sirens of the big screen from as early as the 1930s, the makeup look is soft, feminine and has the just right amount of va-va-voom! Try our routine yourself to create beautifully matte skin with plenty of vintage features.

Brunrtte with deep red lips and classic vintage black eyeliner

Start with a Smooth Base

Most people associate vintage makeup with intense black eyeliner or a bold red lip, but flawless looking skin is just as important so make sure you start with a thoroughly cleansed and moisturised complexion.

Once your skincare has fully absorbed, start to evenly apply a matte foundation all over your face to create an even looking base.  Conceal any troublesome areas, such as circles under your eyes or blemishes, with a liquid concealer and blend well into your skin.

No star of the big screen would have been caught with excess shine on their face during their heydays, so to create that silky-smooth, soft matt finished favoured by makeup artists and stars a like, apply a light dusting of matte powder over your foundation to achieve a smooth complexion.

Eye Candy

Start your eyes by applying an eyeshadow primer over both of your lids – this will keep your eyeshadow in place all day and night! Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply a neutral coloured eyeshadow all over the lip and then with a smaller brush, apply a medium natural shadow to the crease of your eye.  Lastly, take a gentle shimmer and apply to the corner of your eyes to make them sparkle!

Now, for one of the two defining features of this look - the eyeliner flick. Choose a hyper-pigmented black eyeliner and start from the inner corner of your eye and draw (carefully!) along your lash line in a smooth line. Pull your eye taut and continue the line, at an angle, from the outer corner of your eye to create a wing. Practise certainly makes perfect with this look, but if you want a helping hand - why not try an eyeliner stamp which does the hard word for you!?

Repeat the same on the other side and do your best to keep your eyes looking symmetrical and finish your eyes with two coats of intense black mascara. Oh, so gorgeous!

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It’s All in The Details...

There are a few more details before we get to the grand finale, the lips! First, apply a dusting of matte finish bronzer to give your complexion a naturally, healthy glow. Or if you prefer the demure look of rosy cheeks, a pink blusher will look just as pretty!

Then, using a gel or pencil define your eyebrows. With this look, the key is to highlight the arch of your brows.

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On the Lips

Your complexion is flawless, and your eyes are show-stopping, now for the final step and create the signature finale of any vintage makeup look - gorgeously kissable red lips!

Gently exfoliate your lips using a sugar scrub to ensure you have a smooth canvas to work with, then carefully line your lips with a red lip liner taking extra care to stick to the natural contour of your pout.  If you want your colour to last even longer, fill in your lips with your lipliner too.

Using a classic red lipstick or long-lasting liquid formula, glide the colour over your lips for the finishing touch! Blot with a small piece of tissue and if you need to, apply a second coat for lips that are sure to turn heads!

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