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Tips That Help Conceal Split Ends – Superdrug
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Tips That Help Conceal Split Ends


Long, short, curly or straight – split ends affect the majority of hair types leaving them looking weak and wispy. Whilst it’s important not to neglect them, equally it’s not always feasible to pay for a haircut every few weeks! For those in-between-days we have you covered.

Try out our methods for concealing your split ends so your tresses look freshly trimmed without the salon price tag.


Four Tips to Help Conceal Split Ends

Tip 1 – Inward Curls

Split ends are most noticeable when your hair is straight, so try to avoid this hairstyle. Instead, curl your hair inwards. This not only gives your hair a voluminous appearance but will also hide those pesky split ends.

Using a curling wand, curl your ends toward an inward angle as this will draw attention to the thicker ends of your hair, morphing the split ends into curls. 

Although heat is one of the main causes of split ends, it is also one of the best ways to disguise them. To avoid the heat causing extra damage ensure you use heat protection when curling your hair.

Tip 2 – Sophisticated Bun

Another hairstyle that disguises any sign of split ends is the classic bun. Wrap your hair around your hair band to make a doughnut style bun and tuck the split ends into the bun.

It’s best to do a low-bun, as tying your hair high means a tighter more stubborn hair-band will be needed to keep the bun in place. When pulled out aggressively, hairbands can damage and split your hair!
For those with thinner hair, replace the hair-tie with clips to hold in place.

A classic bun is great at pulling hair away from your face, helping to conceal split ends, whilst leaving you with a sophisticated and neat hair-do.  

Tip 3 – Be Blunt

If you decide that the time has come to seek professional help and get a trim, be sure to stay blunt. A blunt hairstyle will keep all the split ends at one length.

When blunt hair is styled it keeps the hair stronger and more resilient to damage due to its higher density. When your hair is layered and heating products are used on it split ends tend to appear more prominent.

Tip 4 – Oils

Oils not only have nourishing benefits, they can also create the illusion of thicker hair. Hair oils are usually used whilst hair is wet, or applied to dry hair before being washed out hours later. However, to help improve split ends you should apply a small amount to the tips of your hair that are most affected.

Applying hair oil not only to the tips but also to your entire head will make it appear thicker.

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You can't reverse the damage that causes split ends but with these tips your hair will look healthier, the key is to make sure that you take care of your hair to prevent the split ends from getting worse.

Simple changes such as using heat spray, not drying your hair aggressively or eating healthier will all help to make your hair stronger, shinier and split end free.

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