Woman in fashionable jacket with fur, ski goggles and sunglasses.

You’ve been waiting all year for your ski holiday and now the time has come to start packing. You've got your salopettes, gloves and hat at the ready, but what other supplies should you be stocking up on? If you’re unsure what to be adding to your basket from the toiletry aisle, fear not. Check out our definitive list of skiing beauty and health products you’ll be ‘piste’ if you forget!

Young skier enjoying the snowy scenery

Your Skiing Packing Checklist

Sun cream

Sun cream is an absolute must when you’re hitting the slopes. The suns rays are even stronger at a higher altitude and the suns power is magnified when it reflects off the snow.  You deffo don’t want ski goggle burn, so don’t forget to pack it!

SPF lip balm

The air at the top of a mountain is much dryer than what we’re used to, so your lips will need an extra dose of moisture from a hydrating lip balm to stop them from drying out in the big chill!

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Joint Supports

Whether you’re a first-time skier or you’re an absolute pro, your joints may need a little support from a day of whizzing down the side of a mountain. Look after them from day one with a joint support to ensure endless fun, with minimal aches!

Travel First Aid Kit

You just never know when this may come in handy! If you take a tumble on the slopes (or incur an injury during post-ski drinks!) then be prepared with this handy little first aid kit that’s perfect for travelling with.

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Blister Plasters

Blisters can be incredibly painful and if you’re not wearing appropriate ski socks, or your boots are causing lots of friction, then you’re likely to end up with them. Blister plasters act like a second layer of skin on your affected area, so be pure to pack these for your trip to protect and cushion your feet.

Hand Cream

Even if you’re wearing gloves around the slopes, it doesn’t mean your hands won’t feel the chill. Keep them soft, supple and super-hydrated with generous applications of hand cream.

A Multi-Purpose Balm

If you’re a little tight on packing space then rest assured, this is the one item you should take! Cracked lips? Dry patches of skin? Sun burnt nose? Dehydrated hands? Pop a nourishing, multi-purpose balm on to all these effected areas and reap the benefits.

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Don’t forget all your usual toiletries too!

  • Deodorant - to keep you fresh on and off the slopes
  • Hair ties - helmet hair? Need we say more!
  • Shampoo & Conditioner – that harsh weather and high altitude can cause serious hair chaos, so don’t forget to pack hair care that will up its moisture content.
  • Body wash – skiing may look proper chill, but believe us, it’s hard work! So, once you head back to your chalet to fresh up, a long-bath or shower will be at the top of your to-do list!