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When our skin is in need of something, we can usually tell by the way it looks and feels but knowing what to put on it can be a tricky task. Luckily for us, Superdrug have launched their Me+Booster range - a collection of specially created formulas each featuring a hero ingredient which targets a specific concern.

Read on to find out more about the Me+ Boosters and discover which formulas to add to your skincare routine today.

To Moisturise Your Skin:

Hyaluronic Booster

People have been singing the praises of hyaluronic acid for a while now, and with good reason!  Hyaluronic acid can attract up to 1000 times its weight in water and when applied it leaves your skin feeling moisturised and looking plumper.

Our Me+ Hyaluronic Booster, which has over a hundred 5* reviews on our website, contains 2% hyaluronic solution and will also help combat the signs of ageing, improve your skins elasticity, even out tone and texture as well as reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Me+ Me+ Hyaluronic Booster 30ml £5.99 Buy Now

100% Squalane Booster

Did you know that when we’re born, 12% of our skin is made up of squalene? However, when we reach our mid-20s, production starts to decline so to ensure healthy skin, we should be topping it up.

Our Me+ Squalane Booster (which is a synthetic version of squalene) can help restore moisture into your skin, as well softening and smoothing your complexion without blocking your pores. It’s lightweight, nourishing and 100% vegan.

Me+ Me+ 100% Squalane Booster 30ml £6.99 Buy Now
Supedrug Me+ Boosters squalane and lactic acid

To Refine Your Skin:

Niacinamide Zinc Booster

Are you constantly battling with oily skin? If so, this could be the booster for you! Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, is an essential nutrient found in the body, but it also has lots of great benefits for our skin too, such as controlling sebum levels.

With regular use, our Me+ Niacinamide & Zinc Booster can help even out your skin tone, minimise the appearance of pores, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and redness and improve congestion.

Me+ Me+ Niacinamide & Zinc Booster 30ml £5.99 Buy Now

To Calm Your Skin:

CBD Oil Booster

CBD oil is definitely the golden child of skincare right now! If your skin is easily irritated or often feels dry, you’re going to wonder why you haven’t tried this hero ingredient before!

Our Me+ CBD Oil Booster formula instantly absorbs into your skin, calming any redness and leaving it feeling nourished. After 4 weeks of use, your complexion should also appear more youthful.

Me+ Me+ CBD Oil Booster 30ml £9.99 Buy Now
Superdrug Me+ Niacinamide Zinc Booster, CBD Oil and Fruit Acid

To Smooth Your Skin:

Acacia- Collagen Booster

As we get older, the natural production of collagen, which supports the skins firmness, suppleness, and elasticity, starts to slow down.

Our Me+ Acacia Collagen Booster features a targeted formula that helps to hydrate, nourish, and improve the skin's condition. The formula has been specially developed with a natural plant derived collagen substitute, so as with all of Superdrug’s own brand products, it is vegan friendly. As if this wasn’t great news already, this booster will also leave your skin looking more radiant and plumper!

Peptide Booster

Time for a little science lesson. Peptides are a type of amino acid, which are the building blocks of protein. They’re found in every cell in the body and are vital to the skins structure; a common type of protein found in the body is collagen. It’s really important we keep our peptide levels up as they keep our skin firm, the texture smooth and our overall skin's health and appearance in tip top shape.

When we reach the age of 30, we lose 1% of collagen per year thereafter, so by using a specially created formula featuring peptides, our skin thinks it needs to stimulate collagen and keeps up the repairing process.

Our Me+ Peptides Booster has been created using colloidal gold and after just 4 weeks, your skin could appear firmer, look more radiant and with reduced signs of ageing.

Superdrug Me+ boosters

To Exfoliate Your Skin:

Lactic Acid (AHA) & Fruit Acid Boosters

If we don’t regularly exfoliate our skin, dead skin cells can build up on the surface leading to dull looking and dehydrated skin. So, to avoid this we need to exfoliate! The Me+ range has two exfoliating acids, Lactic Acid and Fruit Acid, also known as AHAs.

Our Lactic Acid Booster loosens the dead skin cells which sit on the skins surface which can cause dull looking skin. Our Fruit Acid Booster is fabulous for improving your skins radiance and skin elasticity. You can read more on AHAs here: The Low-Down on AHAs but it is important to know now, if you do use an AHA on your skin always follow up with an SPF as your skin can be more prone to sun damage.

Me+ Me+ AHA Fruit Acid Booster 30ml £7.99 Buy Now

Winning Combinations

If you have a specific skin concern why not try one of these Me+ combinations?

Dehydrated skin: Hyaluronic Acid + Squalane 

Congested skin: Niacinamide + Squalane 

To retexturise skin and minimise pigmentation: Lactic Acid + Niacinamide.