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Superdrug Makeup Goals: Psychedelic 60s – Superdrug
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Superdrug Makeup Goals: Psychedelic 60s

Female with short hair, glitter detail on her face, holding white flowers with pink retro pictures in the background

Long before we were chasing sunsets in Coachella or dreaming of being in front of the stage at Lovebox or Wireless, fun-lovin’ hippies were embracing the ‘flower power’ era of the late 60s at the original muddy music festival, Woodstock. A single weekend event where everyone was wearing flowers in their long, flowing hair and makeup was bold, psychedelic, and energetic… to be fair, not too far from the festival beauty we know and love today! However, back then festivals were all about getting lost in the moment, connecting with the music and a little less about the glitter in their hair!

Over the decades that followed, music festivals exploded in popularity and the idea of ‘festival beauty’ evolved. Today, it has become associated with over the top flower crowns, unicorn hair and wearing the latest fashion trends, but it wasn’t always that way. Come with us as we take a look at where it all began with the birth of festival beauty, 60s makeup inspiration and how you can incorporate it into your everyday makeup and hair routine.

Festival looks and retro stetching

Festival Beauty Begins

The swinging 60s breathed new life into the world of beauty. Where the 50s were all about polished lipstick and precision eyeliner, people in the mid-late 60s wanted to break free from the mainstream formalities of what was expected of them and live their lives more freely, this included the way they looked. In the summer of 1969, four hundred thousand people attended Woodstock, where they drew on each other with brightly coloured body paints, adorned their faces with peace symbols and daisies and braided (real) flowers into their hair.  They wanted to be more in tune with nature, connected to the music and with one another.

This group of spiritual, free-loving hippies were just out to have a good time, but little did they know over 50 years later we would still be wearing flowers in our hair, painting our bodies with glitter and creating colourful patterns on our faces every summer.

60s Makeup, Today

60s makeup swung between being a riot of colour and natural elegance, and it is still inspiring fashion shows and beauty trends of today. Take a look at Rixo’s ‘Back to the Garden’ spring/summer 2020 presentation at London Fashion Week, which put ombre colours, psychedelic embellishments and paisley prints harking back to the era of inhibited fun, eccentricity, and free love in the spotlight.

Festivals may have been put on pause this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the beauty of 60s style and take inspiration for our next garden party or outdoor gathering.  Take a look at these timeless makeup and hair trends that we think look as good today as ever!

Three Psychedelic beauty looks

Let's Get Psychedelic!

The creative use of colour used in makeup towards the end of the 60s was fearlessly rebellious. Think bold, geometric shapes, a rainbow of colours and glitter. In recent years, trends such as graphic eyeliner, and of course festival beauty, replicates the makeup of this era. Meaning it is as wearable today as it was back then!

Take a colourful palette or an array of coloured eyeliners to create unique, bold eyeshadow looks; try drawing embellishments on your face such as hearts or stars; or embrace the flower power era by drawing flowers or a floral design around your eyes or one side of your face.

Going Au Natural

Hippie culture was all about natural beauty and going back to basics, so embrace the freedom that comes with it by showing off your natural features.

Cleanse and lightly moisturise your face and apply a primer and dewy foundation to your skin. You may find applying your foundation with your fingers gives you a more natural finish; the matte look wasn’t popular back in the 60s! Choose a natural eyeshadow colour and open up your eyes with a brown pencil eyeliner and a few coats of black mascara.

Leave your brows as nature intended and complete the look by parting your hair in the centre and pinning a flower crown, or individual flowers, into your hair.

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Blushing Braids

If you’re looking for something in between colourful and natural, then a soft, fresh blush is the 60s look for you. Keep your base minimal, with freshly cleansed skin and a foundation with a dewy finish and apply a pastel pink or peach toned blusher lightly over the bridge of your nose and on the apple of your cheeks for a naturally flushed appearance. Finish the look with several coats of lash lengthening mascara.

Incorporate the carefree hippie personality with your elegant blush by pairing it with laid back braided hair style. If your hair is long enough, you can opt for a loosely tied braid to the side or for a more modern boho feel, try multiple braids and tie decorative string at the top of the braid and either plait it in or wrap it down the braid and secure at the bottom.

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