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Superdrug Makeup Goals: Natural Beauty – Superdrug
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Superdrug Makeup Goals: Natural Beauty

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When you reach for your makeup bag, it’s all too easy to select products to use on areas of your face that you don’t really like such as dark circles or redness.  But how often do you choose the makeup that’ll enhance your natural features instead? It may be your brightly coloured eyes, structured cheekbones, or full lips that you notice first when you look in the mirror.

So, instead of diving into your makeup bag to hide what you think are imperfections, use makeup as a tool to highlight the areas that you love the most!  Today, we’re sharing some top tips on how to make your favourite features stand out.

Natural beauty makeup look

Bright, Beautiful Eyes

Certain eyeshadow shades can help the colour of your eyes pop, making them really stand out and become the focal point of your face.  So, which colour do you go for? If you have brown eyes, green eyeshadows will really stand out; for blue-eyed beauties, grey or earthy tones will work best; for gorgeous green eyes go for plum eyeshadows, and if you have hazel eyes then look out for bronze eyeshadows and palettes.  

Start off applying a lighter shade all over your lid and then blend in a darker hue into the crease before completing your eye look with a dark eyeliner to frame your eyes.

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Gorgeous, Radiant skin

Let your natural beauty shine through with a minimal, fresh looking base. Skip the heavy foundation, which can mask your skin’s radiance, and apply a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream instead. Lighter products will still give your skin an even coverage, but without the cakey, heavy-duty look that can sometimes appear with a full coverage base. Brush a bronzer that’s a shade or two darker than your skin tone over your nose, forehead, and chin to add a healthy-looking glow to your complexion.

Brunette female with a fresh face sat on the floor in jeans and a black shirt
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Long, Luscious lashes

Are your eyes your favourite feature? If so, make your look all about your lashes. With a few coats of mascara, you can dramatically open up your eyes and brighten your complexion at the same time. Apply two coats of either volumising or lengthening black mascara, moving the wand side to side at the base before swiping the brush upwards.  Remember to keep the rest of your makeup neutral to keep all attention on your eyes.

Full, Plump lips

Let your lips do all the talking by focusing your makeup on perfecting lipstick prep and application. First, focus on creating a smooth, even canvas by gently exfoliating your lips to eliminate any flakes. Then, hydration is key, so apply a moisturising lip balm with added SPF.  Choose a light-coloured lip liner and lipstick (darker colours can make lips appear smaller) and carefully trace your lips to help the colour last before going over the top with your chosen lipstick. Lastly, dab a small amount of shimmery lip gloss in the centre of your bottom lip to draw all the attention to your pout.

Brunette female with bright red lips laying on the floor
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Prominent, Structured Cheekbones

If you have been blessed with well-defined cheekbones (you lucky thing!), then all it takes is a contouring kit and a careful hand to amplify them.  Pare back your eyes and lips in favour of contoured features with a touch of cream blusher on the apple of your cheeks and a slightly darker complementary colour in the hollow space just below to add dimension. For added lift, take a highlighting powder across your cheekbone to complete the look.

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Now, you're armed with all the tips and tricks you need to bring out your best features!

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