Euphoria makeup feature image

If all you've been seeing on your social media lately when it comes to makeup is glitter, face jewels and graphic eyeliner, the chances are you're witnessing the 'Euphoria effect'. Inspired by the hit TV drama, of the same name which features boss babe Zendaya, the show follows a group of teenagers as they navigate their way through the ups and downs of life.

It's dramatic, it's gritty, it's addictive but OMG the makeup is outstanding and has caused more a stir off screen then the heart wrenching story lines!

Euphoria Makeup Looks

If you tap #EuphoriaMakeup into Insta, you're going to see a whopping 75k + results! There's a lot of love out there for this look and it's without a doubt one of the biggest trends of the last year! If you're looking to get in on this hype, take a look at our three Euphoria inspired makeup looks that you can try at home.

Look 1: Rhinestones and Fierce Eyeliner

Many of the characters in Euphoria are living a life filled with absolute drama, but the makeup looks are clear, bold and uplifting - beautifully masking the pain they're actually going through.

Some of the most outstanding looks featured rhinestones, so it's only right this is where we begin our sparkly tutorials...

Euphoria makeup ideas with rhinestone and black eyeliner

Get the look:

Step 1: Apply a pastel blue eyeshadow across your lid and into your crease.

Step 2: Using a cream or gel eyeliner, and a slanted flat eyeliner brush, create a winged eye starting from the inner corner of your eye and flicking out from the end. Apply several coats of mascara.

Step 3: Keep your eyebrows looking natural but using a pencil to fill in any sparse areas and then brush upwards using a spoolie. Fix in place with a clear brow gel.

Step 4: Using a white (clear drying) eye lash glue, apply your rhinestones below your lower lash line and around your eyebrows.

Step 5:  Add a swirl of rosy blush to your cheeks and finish the look with a coat of glistening lip gloss.

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Look 2: Everyday Euphoria

Striking eyeliner and rhinestone eyebrows may look fabulous on you, but work may have something to say about it! (spoilt sports!) Saying this, it doesn't mean Euphoric makeup should be strictly reserved for the weekend. Take a look at this...

Everyday Euphoria makeup ideas

Get the look:

Step 1: Thoroughly cleanse your skin and apply a rich, hydrating moisturiser to give your skin an instant glow.

Step 2: Apply a primer to your skin to allow for flawless application of foundation.

Step 3: Paying special attention to any blemished areas, apply a luminous foundation to create a flawless, glowing base.

Step 4: Using a liquid eyeliner, with a thin brush, carefully draw a line from the inner corner of your eye, along your upper lash line and finish by flicking out the wing so it ends in line with your eyebrow.

Step 5:  Brush a small amount of glue (which is suitable for the skin) under your eyeliner and gently pat on a fine, iridescent or pearlescent glitter to finish your eyes.

Step 6:  Highlight the contours of your face with a light dusting of highlighter and finish the look with moisturising lip balm.

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Look 3: Pretty in purple

Soft and demure, yet still pushing at the boundaries this final look combines a gorgeous matte complexion with cool purple hues and statement glitter. Glam, yet so on trend!

Pretty purple eye shadow for Euphoria makeup ideas

Get the look:

Step 1: First, apply a primer to cleansed, moisturised skin.

Step 2: Using a blending brush or sponge, buff a matte liquid foundation into your skin – paying close attention to shiny and blemish-prone areas.  Complete your base with a light layer of loose or pressed powder.

Step 3: Apply a purple coloured cream eyeshadow across your lids, taking the colour just above your crease.  Set the cream colour by applying a shimmering, light purple eyeshadow over the top.

Step 4: Using the same coloured cream eyeshadow, line the underneath of your lower lashes.

Step 5: Extend the colour of your eyeshadow with a matching, fine glitter. Take this from the corner of your eye up to the end of your eyebrow.

Step 6: Apply several layers of black mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

Step 7: Using a brow gel, brush your eyebrows upwards and set in place.

Step 8: Add a touch of blush to your cheeks.

Step 9: To finish the look, apply a glossy balm to your lips taking it slightly outside of your lip line to create a fuller look.

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