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Top summer perfume for women – Superdrug
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Top summer perfume for women

Summer fragrances feature

Ah, summer! Always an intoxicating blend of scents – think freshly cut grass, coconut-scented sun lotion and a balmy sea salt breeze. So when it comes to selecting 'the one' among shelves packed with summer perfume, go for a spritz that best embraces the spirit of the season.

Say bye bye to the woody depths of winter notes and say hello to a fresh new outlook with our pick of the top scents for the sun-drenched months.

Summer fragrances feature

Zesty & Fresh

A zingy, zesty scent is perfect for dousing in after a long hot summer’s day – it practically puts the spring back into every step.

Every year DKNY gift us with a limited edition, refreshing rendition of their signature spritz DKNY woman. For 2018 the summer scent is packed with pretty petals like freesia and rose alongside silky musk and white amber.

Has Wimbledon and the footie got you in the sporty spirit? Then get your game face on with a spritz of Lacoste’s L. 12. 12 Eau Fraiche. Featuring energising notes from pink grapefruit to zingy lemon, it’s sure to be a winner all season long.

Floral-fruity Fusions

There’s a reason us women delight at the sight of a bouquet of flowers. So why not give yourself that same joyful sensation at the first spritz of your summer fragrance?

If the smell of a fruity cocktail is enough to get you feeling all kinds of summer vibes, then this fragrance is for you. Inspired by that first satisfying sip of your favourite bev, Jimmy Choo Blossom is bubbling with berries, rose and sweet pea. 

First we had water accords, now air accords are the next big thing! Case in point, Calvin Klein’s Eternity Air which promises to bottle up the atmosphere of the sky. Don’t overthink it, just allow the notes of peony and grapefruit send you to cloud 9. See what we did there…

A delicate blend of apple blossom and fruit, this DKNY scent will breathe new life into your fragrance collection. Complemented with a rose, lily of the valley and jasmine heart it’s blooming marvellous if you ask us!

Hot & Heady

A hot, humid day can often turn a spicy scent into an overpowering one. Instead opt for these bold oriental fragrances that can handle the heat.

Presented in a bottle as glamorous as the glitzy scent, Michael Kors’ Sexy Amber is attractive from every angle. A sultry blend of amber (of course), sandalwood and mandarin awaits…

Light & Airy Body Mists

If you find sweet, fruity perfumes a little too overpowering, then switch to a refreshingly light body mist – and you needn’t hold back on the spritzing!

Victoria’s Secret body mists are a cult classic thanks to the successful blend of deliciously sweet top notes balanced with sultry undertones. This Love Addict rendition is perfect for packing on a summer escape with your other half.

Victoria Secret Victoria Secret Love Addict Body Mist 250ml £13.00 Buy Now
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