Arms with strobe cream swatches

Strobing is a big deal in the world of beauty. Everyone’s talking about it, and everyone does it. But what exactly is it? Imagine the best highlight in the world but INTENSIFIED. While that might sound like pretty hard work, these days strobing is as easy as pie thanks to the lovely little diamonds called strobe creams.

Arms with strobe cream swatches

What is strobing?

If you can’t master your contour but want a face that looks like it’s been carved by an angel, strobing might be the one for you. Using light, strobing helps to structure and shape your face. Essentially, the highlight is set exactly where the light will bounce off your face in the most flattering way possible. With strobing, there’s no need to contour so you can say goodbye to leaving the house with a half-blended face (we’ve all been there, don’t worry).

Lightning in a bottle

If you tend to go a bit OTT with the highlight and end up looking a little bit like the tin man, strobe creams are the answer to all your woes. These magical little creams are infused with all the powers of an increds highlighter, but it’s even easier to apply. You just blend these creams where the light naturally hits you and you’re sorted. Oh, and because of their other magical properties, a lot of the time strobe creams can act as a moisturiser and primer as well.

How to strobe

Another bonus of strobe cream is that a little goes a long way, so you only need a tiny amount (call us budgeting queens). To get the most natural effect, apply your strobe cream after you’ve moisturised and primed. If it’s super subtle you’re going for, you can even mix it with your foundation. Amazing, right?!

So where should you be strobing? Your face’s high points. If you don’t speak MUA (dw, we don’t either) that means: Cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bones, cupids bow, centre of chin, and the inner corners of your eyes. Apply more liberally over the cheekbones, as that’s where you really want to get your glow on. So now you know exactly what a strobe cream is, why don’t you see the wonders they work yourself?