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Shea Butter Benefits – Superdrug
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Shea Butter Benefits

shea butter

Shea butter has overwhelming amounts of beneficial qualities. This has been demonstrated through the longevity in which people have entrusted it into their skincare routine. Whether it’s to repair your hair, skin or even your cracked lips, Shea Butter’s rich, moisturising agents prove to be the perfect substance to keep you glowing throughout the year.

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Shea Butter for Hair

You may not associate Shea butter with your hair but it has many natural benefits that can leave you with hair as soft and supple as your skin – and it comes it many forms.

A Shea butter hair mask, leave in conditioner or in its pure form can relieve you from many hair issues. Due to its high moisture levels and non-greasy aftermath, Shea butter can be used on wet or dry hair to reduce everyday problems such as dandruff or split ends.

Heat Protection

It can be used as a protective barrier to heat when applied to wet hair. You can use this in a spray form, or simply lather some raw Shea butter in your hands and apply to wet hair, brushing it through the hair strands covering your whole head, even your roots.

Unlike many hair serums, Shea butter does not have such a greasy formula, therefore you can use on your roots without having to worry about your hair looking greasy.


When used on your roots it strengthens your hair and is the ideal product to use when you are away on holiday. As the sun hits the top of your head, it dries your hair out leaving it dry, brittle and difficult to style. Apply shea butter to your roots when basking in the sun, or all over to protect you from any chlorine or sea salt water!

As well as being a great way to stop frazzled hair, why not apply shea butter to your roots to add immediate volume to your hair? Simply apply, push hair upwards and see your hair go from flat-to-full.

shea butter

Shea Butter for Skin

Skin is your bodies largest organ so you should care for it head-to-toe. Shea Butter makes this an easy job to do with its protecting, moisturizing and skin regenerating qualities.

Skin Protection

Just as it does to your hair, Shea butter is also a great skin protector from pollution, harsh climates and harmful UV rays. It naturally has a small dose of UV protection, so although not advised to solely use when bathing on a hot beach, wearing under your makeup everyday will mean your skin is protected around-the-clock for when the sun makes an appearance, summer or wintertime.

Natural Moisturiser

High in vitamin E and A means it has high levels of fatty acids which can act as the perfect natural moisturiser. Whether you have cracked heals, cracked lips or your skin is dried out from those hot winter showers or hot summer sun– Shea butter can quickly retract these drying issues. It absorbs quickly into your skin due to the body’s natural warmth, penetrating the layers and offering you a soft and silky skin surface. Use daily for the best results.

Its highly moisturising and anti-inflammatory qualities are so strong it may help with the healing of eczema.

Skin Regenerator

Shea Butter helps with your skins tissue cell regeneration which is the softening of the skin. This ultimately helps with the appearance of wrinkles that already exist, as well as preventing those from developing due to the elasticity of your skin by boosting collagen levels produced. Apply daily to your face overnight and watch your skin glow.


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