Our very own team member Rebekah Phillips, from St David's Cardiff reviews the Superdrug Fantasy Hair Glitter Sprays that have just landed at Superdrug. Find out why they'll be a treat this Halloween.


"Now that Halloween is right around the corner, these Superdrug Glitter Sprays are perfect for the occasion.
The silver root spray is fab. I love it! I found it to be more gold than silver against my pink hair & it turned my roots a gold shade which looked lovely.

There are lots of different types and shades of sprays from the Fantasy range. I have the Queen of Darkness Purple glitter spray & the Queen of Stars silver root spray too.

I’m definitely going to use this all over during Halloween"

Superdrug Superdrug Fantasy Queen of Darkness Hair Glitter Purple £2.99 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Fantasy Queen of Darkness Glitter Hairspray Pink £2.99 Buy Now

Rebekah is a Superdrug Insider and works as a team member in store.