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Perform your own detox skincare routine – Superdrug
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Perform your own detox skincare routine

Happy female applying moisturiser in front of a mirror as part of a detox skincare routine

We bet you’ve heard all about a detox for your body, especially at this time of year, but what about a skin detox? Our skin is the bodies largest organ, so it needs lots of care and attention – especially when we put it under so much stress (and makeup!). If your skin is looking a little lacklustre, is feeling dry or simply needs a pick me up then it’s time to treat yourself to a little detox skincare routine with Sanctuary Spa. Don't mind if we do!

Remove all makeup

Okay hands up - who remembers to remove their makeup at the end of every day? Makeup is the perfect place for dirt to settle when you come into contact with it, so, next time you think about skipping it, remember this is rule 101 when it comes to cleaner, brighter, beautiful skin.

Step 1: To kick-start your skin detox routine, gently remove all of makeup to allow for further products to get really deep into your pores to work their magic.

Use a gentle and effective micellar water, on a cotton pad, in circular motions on the skin to remove any makeup and repeat until the pad comes away clean.


Why are you cleansing your face again after removing all your makeup we hear you ask? Well, a skin-loving cleanser gets deeper into your pores, removing dirt and oil that sits below the skins surface. It’ll help open up your pores and, hopefully, prevent breakouts.

Step 2: Use Sanctuary Spa’s Detox Charcoal Facial Wash to draw out impurities from the skin. Charcoal is a holy grail of ingredients when it comes to detoxifying your skin - so get it in where you can!


As well as sloughing off dead skin cells, using a gentle exfoliator paves the way for other products, with active ingredients, to fully absorb into the skin… but try not to use anything too abrasive!

Step 3: For radiant looking skin try Sanctuary’s Microdermabrasion Refine Polish.  The small exfoliating particles and bamboo powder opens up your pores and stimulates circulation in the skin. Pay particular attention to your nose, chin and forehead.

Face mask

This is your ultimate moment to relax, so which kind of mask do you choose? Dry skin? Opt for a moisturising mask. Breaking out? Try a clay-based mask. Or if you skin is looking a little dull and lacklustre, treat your skin with a brightening formula.

Step 4: Apply your chosen face mask and sit back and relax. Let the active ingredients do their thang!  If you have different problems in different areas of the face – don’t be afraid to mix and match your treatments.


Wakey, wakey! After you’ve spent some blissful time allowing your skin to take in all the goodness from your face mask, gently wash it off with lukewarm water (it’s best to avoid overly hot and freezing cold water on the skin).  Replenish the moisture back into the skin and to treat it to even more amazing active ingredients, such as skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, with a serum and then a moisturiser.

Step 5:  Apply a lightweight serum to your skin, and with regular use, you should be left with smoother, tighter, brighter looking skin.

Step 6: Massage a hydrating moisturiser into your skin, using circular motions, for maximum benefit and results.

How else can I help my skin?

As well at performing a weekly, or bi-weekly (depending on your skin type) skin detox, there are a few more things you can try:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat lots of clean foods such as fruit and green veg
  • Try a facial steam by hovering your face over a bowl of hot water, with a few drops of essential oils, with a towel over your head to sweat out the impurities.

So, if your skin isn’t looking as good as you would like, treat yourself and your skin, to a well-deserved detox.

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