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Mugler Perfumes Land at Superdrug – Superdrug
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Mugler Perfumes Land at Superdrug

Angel nova MUGLER

Some exciting news for fragrance fans – Superdrug has recently added the legendary house of MUGLER to its scented shelves. So now you can buy their iconic fragrance Angel (a true classic!) together with their other addictive concoctions – with stunning bottles to match.

Meet Mugler

Launched in 1992 MUGLER fragrances have become synonymous with daring and ‘out there’ scents designed to cause a stir. The brand started out as a fashion house in 1974, headed up by designer Thierry Mugler whose clothes had a very recognisable style and were created to draw attention (wallflowers need not apply) and MUGLER fragrances are no different.

Read on to find out more about this fabulous Parisian perfumery – which scent will be your signature?


Being a constant dreamer, Thierry Mugler was obsessed with the stars (he used to gaze up at them as a child) and they became the emblem for MUGLER fragrances – especially Angel, with its famous star-shaped bottle. Created by perfumer Olivier Cresp, the aim with ANGEL was to concoct a scent that was seriously addictive, and the result didn’t disappoint! The notes are inspired by the fairgrounds of Mugler’s childhood (toffee apples, candyfloss, coconuts and caramel) combined with smoky notes of patchouli, giving it sex appeal and staying power. It very nearly wasn’t launched at all, given that it failed many market research tests. But the then-CEO Vera Stübi was determined it should get made. Her gamble paid off, and it’s become one of the most sought-after scents on the planet, launching the craze for ‘gourmand’ scents (sweet, vanilla-based perfumes that smell good enough to eat).


Thierry Mugler Mugler Angel EDP Refill Bottle 50ml £73.00 Buy Now
Mugler Angel
Angel Model


A powdery floral scent, the clever thing about ALIEN is that it’s not its ingredients which are unusual and ‘out there’, but how they are used. The result is a ‘hyper-feminine’ bouquet of jasmine sambac and white amber which smells familiar yet ‘alien’ (hence the name!). Just as rich and sensual as ANGEL the bottle is equally mesmerising. Looking like something out of a sci-fi film, it’s shaped like a talisman in bright purple amethyst. Another modern classic that doesn’t date, this should be on every fragrance fan’s dressing table!

Alien and Angel Valentines Day
Alien resize

Angel Nova

ANGEL NOVA gives the original classic a 21st Century twist, with bright berry notes of raspberry and lychee combined with beautiful damask rose. The star-shaped bottle is berry-coloured to match (we love how unashamedly girly it is!). But what’s extremely clever about this is that it stars an ‘upcycled’ ingredient – a ‘supernatural rose’ made reusing previously distilled petals – so there’s less waste and the perfume smells much more unusual and interesting as a result.

Thierry Mugler Mugler Angel Nova EDP Natural Refillable Bottle 100ml £94.00 Buy Now
Angel nova
Angel Nova EDP

Discover more out of this world scents from Mugler at Superdrug now!



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