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5 Mascara Tips For Short Lashes – Superdrug
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5 Mascara Tips For Short Lashes

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If you want to achieve flutter-ready lashes but feel you haven’t got the length to pull it off, there are many ways to enhance your natural beauty. But before you head straight for extensions and falsies, ask yourself this. Are you getting the most out of your trusty mascara? Because with our tips and tricks, a wave of the magic wand can be all you need... 

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1. Master the Technique

The way you apply mascara makes a big difference to the final look. For example, if you’re coating lashes repeatedly then you’ll end up with infamous spider eyes - not something to aim for! Instead, one of the best ways to ensure you coat every lash evenly is to move the wand in a zig-zag motion from the root of the lash to the tip. Also, always coat both sides of the lashes as this will create a thickening effect.

In addition to the application technique, there’s also a right and wrong way of taking mascara out of its packaging. You should always twirl the mascara wand before removing it from the tube – never pump it, as this can a cause dreaded clumping.

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2. Brush through Lashes

To make the most out of your natural lashes, always brush through them before applying mascara. This helps spread them out and will ensure the wand coats every single hair for a more dramatic, defined look.

3. Bend the Wand

If you find your application is a little on the shaky side, then bend your mascara wand at a right angle for added ease and control. It can also make it easier to coat those hard-to-reach lashes too, particularly under the eye and in the corners.

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4. Heat Eyelash Curlers

For those with short/straight lashes, a couple of pumps with an eyelash curler is an absolute must-do before applying mascara. To get more from this beauty tool simply add heat with a hairdryer before use. You only need to do this a few seconds because you want it to be a little warm and never scorching, so always test the heat on the back of your hand before lining up to your eye. Leave it to cool until you’re comfortable that it's safe to put near your delicate eye area.

5. De-clump the Wand

Unwrapped a brand new mascara and can’t wait to test it out? Odds are the first few applications may look a little on the clumpy side due to excess product on the wand. Simply glide the brush over a tissue before applying to stop any extra residue transferring to your lashes.

If you have the opposite problem and are trying to lengthen the life of an older mascara, then simply place it in a glass of lukewarm water before use – a quick and easy beauty fix!

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