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Makeup Looks Inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2021 – Superdrug
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Makeup Looks Inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2021

For over 20 years, Pantone Colour Institute has chosen their 'Colour of the Year'. These inspirational hues then go on to heavily influence multiple industries including fashion, interior design, and of course beauty.

The colour, or in the case of the past few years, a duo of colours is selected with thoughtful consideration, taking current trends and affairs into account.

This year, the 2021 colours of the year have been announced, and they are described as ‘a marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting’. And if you have not already guessed by the beautiful illustrations in this article, the two colours are (Pantone 17-5104) Ultimate Grey and (Pantone 13-0647) Illuminating.


About 2021’s Colours

2021’s two opposing colours have been selected to highlight how different elements can come together to support one another; the union is one of strength and positivity. Pantone hopes that the combination will inspire happiness, encourage aspiration, and show us that things will get better and brighter.

Looks Inspired by Ultimate Gray & Illuminating

Matching Graphic Eyeliner & Nails

Taking inspiration from one of the hottest makeup trends of the last couple of years, Illuminating yellow lends itself perfectly to create a floating, or graphic, eyeliner look. The Pantone colour itself is a bright, cheerful, and sparkling yellow with a warming touch.

This makeup look is forged with creativity and energy and can be easily created at home using a vivid yellow liquid eyeliner.

Graphic eyeliner can be drawn in any place around your eyes; it will depend on your eye shape where it sits best, but to replicate our look, carefully draw along your upper waterline with a gentle flick from the outer corner. Then, apply a line in an arch shape directly above your eye socket.

Team your carefully applied eyeliner with a dewy base, brushed up eyebrows and a soft, pink lip to demonstrate purity, strength, and resilience!

Makeup look nispired by Pantone's 2021 colour Illuminating
Makeup look nispired by Pantone's 2021 colour Ultimate Grey

Classic Silver Glitter Eyes

The colour grey is often misconstrued as being a little dull or gloomy, but when it comes to makeup, it can really make your eyes sparkle! Think smokey grey eyes or grungy grey kohl eyeliner; it is beautiful! Pantone’s Gray is a symbol of dependability and an everlasting firm foundation, a colour that can truly stand the test of time.

To recreate our classic silver glitter eye look, start with a cool-toned blueish-grey eyeshadow and blend it into and above the crease of your eyes.

Over your lids, apply an eyeshadow primer to ensure the pigment stays and then go in with a brighter, silver hue into the corner of your eyes, over your eyelid. For a more intense look, take both eyeshadows below your waterline, and finally to, add depth, line the inside of your upper waterline and apply several coats of lengthening mascara.

Finish the look with a touch of soft blusher on your cheeks and soft, neutral colour on your lips.

This year, enjoy using a combination of these colours to feel inspired, innovated, and as an encouragement to push yourself forward towards better times.

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