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Lilac Nails Are IN This Spring – Superdrug
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Lilac Nails Are IN This Spring

Essie lilac nail polish on a multicoloured background

Move over millennial pink. There’s a new shade in town that’s less bubblegum but equally, as joy-inducing with added goes-with-everything appeal. We’re talking millennial purple - aka a super soft, muted lilac hue that’s got our Pinterest boards looking as spring-ready as the sight of cascading wisteria on a sunny day. But, how do you tap into the hottest colour trend? We’re starting with our nails.

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Colour Trend Alert: Lilac

Pastels for spring. How original, right? Yes, we know sorbet shades often crop up everywhere this time of year, from our wardrobes to our interiors, but this season it’s got a more neutral twist. With a cooler, blue-r undertone, this year has taken traditional lilac and given it a sophisticated glow-up.


Lilac Nail Art Ideas

If you want to tap into the trend, then the quickest way is upping your manicure game. No nail technician necessary.

1. Lilac Accents

A super simple switch up that will instantly give your nails Insta-appeal is to paint lilac accents onto your nails and finish with a slick, high shine finish. Or, if for something less intricate, why not go for lilac tips? For self-taught pros, try a curved tip or a triangle french tip for the added wow-factor.

2. Subtle Gradient

There’s a whole spectrum of lilac shades out there, so why stop at one? With this look, create a subtle gradient effect by choosing a range of colours and go from lightest to darkest, using a different shade on each nail.

3. Metallic Twist

If subtlety isn’t your bag, then go extra with a metallic or glitter top coat. You’ll be channelling on-trend vibes with added glam, whether you choose to use the top coat on each nail or go for a statement ring finger look.

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