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Lightweight Minimal Makeup That’s Suitable for Everyday Wear – Superdrug
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Lightweight Minimal Makeup That’s Suitable for Everyday Wear

Women sat by the window wearing lightweight minimal makeup

Not every day has to include a full-blown glam makeup look, because let’s face it - who actually has time for that? This lightweight makeup routine is perfect if you only have 5 or 10 spare minutes in the morning, yet still want to achieve a bright, yet subtle, look.

1. Moisturised skin, is always in!

The first step in any good makeup routine, no matter how much time you have or how many steps you are going to follow, is to moisturise your skin.  Applying a hydrating moisturiser to your face will create a smoother base for further products and will prevent drier areas of your face from being looking cakey!

Lightweight makeup routine

2. Next up, conceal!

You can hide a multitude of sins on your skin with well placed concealer! Apply under your eyes to cover any dark circles and blend into your skin by gently tapping it in with your ring finger.


If dark circles are a constant bother to you, check out out our tutorial here on how to hide them: How to hide dark circles.

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3. All about that base

If your complexion is showing redness or is slightly blotchy then target the areas of concern with lightweight foundation and blend in completely using a foundation brush. There is no cover your face with layers of foundation for this look!

If you have any blemishes still showing through, go over them again with your concealer and set it all in place with a very light dusting of pressed foundation powder.


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4. Blush, baby, blush

Now your base is looking lovely and even, it's time to add a flush of colour. Apply a flush of blush to the apple of your cheeks and blend in towards the temple.

If you’re not sure how to find the right place to put it, simply smile!

5. All eyes are on...

Wash your eyelids with a neutral coloured creamy eyeshadow. These are easier to blend, just apply with your finger, and many of them will have a touch of shimmer to it so it will give your eyes extra definition.

Dark skinned female with afro hair and minimal makeup
Blonde female with shoulder length hair and minimal makeup

6. Pucker up!

Lipstick applied with perfect precision can take time, especially if you opt for a bold or bright colour that requires a lot of top ups throughout the day. Instead, opt for a nude shade that adds warmth and dimension to your lips.

Picking the right shade is important! Those with darker tones skin, choose caramels, warm browns and avoid anything pastel. If you have olive toned skin, pick a rose or pink shade and for fair tones, look for golden neutrals, mauve and pink-toned browns.

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7. Luscious Lashes & Beautoful Brows

Last but not least, for natural defined brows comb them through with a clear brow gel and open up your eyes with a few layers of mascara -  paying special attention to lengthening your top ashes for extra fluttery eyes!


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