Instagram makeup for makeup trends of the decade

When the clock stuck midnight on December 31st 2019, we didn’t just welcome in a brand-new year but also a new decade. It's fair to say there was a fair few iffy moments in the 2010s but there was also lots of things to remember fondly too!

In celebration of the new decade, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to revisit some of biggest beauty moments from the last ten years. Contour palettes at the ready!

2010: Thick Smokey Eyeliner

Thick smokey eyeliner had us all wondering in 2010 if someone was channelling their inner goth or if they were still wearing same makeup from the night before, but no - it was just the go-to look of 2010! Created using a smudgeable kohl eyeliner, it was spotted on models, popstars and celebrities alike.

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2013: No Makeup Makeup

The trends of the decade definitely swung between heavily made up to the barely their makeup routine. In 2013, people started embracing ‘no makeup makeup’, posting selfies on social media with the hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis - although, upon reflection many of these images were heavily filtered.

To really re-master the less is more look embrace high-quality skincare for a super healthy glow and a slick of lengthening mascara.

No makeup makeup
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2014: Perfected Contour and Dazzling Highlighter

In 2014, we could not get enough of reality TV stars and we found a huge amount of make up inspiration from these new celebs.

So, contouring may not have been a new makeup technique this year but if you hadn't already heard of it, boy were you about to! It was catapulted (with force) into the mainstream by Kim-K and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic when he was shown contouring Kim's face into an actual goddess! About 5 seconds later the internet was flooded with 'how to's' and 'tutorials' and we all fell in love with the bronzing and highlighting technique.

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2015: Influencers Take Over!

It wasn’t just reality TV stars that we were looking to for beauty inspo last decade, the rise of the influencer well and truly shaped what looks we were wearing.

Youtubers and beauty bloggers were everywhere and we've gained some of the best and the worst beauty hacks due to our vlogging friends. Let's just hope we never catch anyone trying to contour along the side of a stiletto shoe or a utensil ever again!

Hours and hours of our lives may have been lost watching back to back PR unboxing's, tutorials on how to create the best smoky eye or cat eyeliner flick, but you know what? We don't care - our makeup never looked better!


Instagram makeup for makeup trends of the decade

2017: K-Beauty

Trends took a little step away from makeup in 2017 and towards skincare, most notably skincare routines and products originating from South Korea.  Koreans are especially particular about the quality of products they put onto their skin and focus on using items that get to the root of their skincare problems.  K-Beauty introduced us to face sheet masks, the 10-step routine and essences. This is one trend we’ll welcome back any year!

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Girl wearing a K beauty sheet make in the bathroom

2018: Brows on Point

We already have so many ways to always ensure our brows are on fleek with tinting, waxing and threading being popular choices. However, in 2018 we managed to squeeze in a couple more and welcomed microblading (a semi-permanent way of tattooing on brows) and brow lamination (which give your brows a more uniformed shape for an extended period of time) into the fold with welcome arms too!

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2019: Dermaplaning

The final year of the decade saw many different beauty trends having their 5-minutes of fame. Lash lifts, nail art and hydrafacials were all up there in terms of high search volume. However, in our forever ending search of the perfect skin treatment to rid us of dry, dull looking skin many of us turned to an exfoliating treatment called dermaplaning. The technique involves gently scraping the dead skin cells from the top layer of your face using a surgical scalpel. This results? Smoother, peach-fuzz free and slightly brighter looking skin. Sign us up!

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That’s it for our trip down memory lane! Who knows what the next decade will have in store for us in terms of beauty trends, but we can’t wait to find out!