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Your Guide to J-Beauty Skincare

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K-Beauty is a phenomenon that rocked the skincare world, but it’s being forced to make room for a similar concept from Japan. Japanese Beauty (also known as J-Beauty) has moved into Western cultures, and people are taking note. Looking for a minimal skincare routine that delivers exceptional results? Then you'll be wanting to know all about J-Beauty... 

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What is J-Beauty?

Anyone and everyone who loves skincare are talking about J-Beauty! Japanese skincare is based on a traditional and simplistic approach, and whilst the routine seems short and sweet compared to its Korean counterpart, it certainly doesn't let anything slip.

Japanese skincare focuses on science-based, effective, and reliable products. The idea is to get fantastic results for your complexion in fewer steps, using essential products that do the job so well that you don’t need a lengthy skin routine! How does that sound?

How Does J-Beauty Differ from K-Beauty?

J and K-Beauty's main similarity is the focus on hydration and sun protection steps within their routines. However, J-Beauty focuses on minimal routine steps, while K-Beauty is famed for its 10-step skincare regime. Whether you prefer a stripped-back approach or a lengthy routine, both certainly make the most of innovative and quality-driven products!

A Typical J-Beauty Routine

A Japanese skin care routine must include these three steps – cleanse, hydrate and seal. However, most routines encourage adding a few more steps into the mix for better results. A standard J-Beauty skincare routine would go something like this:

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Double Cleansing

Japanese skincare has a big focus on double-cleansing. In the evening, cleanse first with an oil-based product (check out DHC for their bestselling, cult-classic Deep Cleansing Oil) to remove makeup, dirt and excess oil. The oil in the cleanser means the skin isn’t stripped of its natural moisture. Then, use a rinse-off cleanser to make sure all impurities are removed from the skin. Hada Labo's Gentle Hydrating Cleanser is always a good option here! This should leave your skin feeling uber-smooth, hydrated and ready for the next step.

Don't worry if you don't have time to double-cleanse in the morning; most people don't! Just ensure you cleanse with care in the AM and double it up in the evening.

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Prepare with an Essence

Now, you must prepare your skin for serums and moisturisers, and J-Beauty recommends using an essence product. Essence is a gel or cream-like formula that can help with the brightening and smoothing of dull, uneven skin. It also hydrates – a must in a J-Beauty routine.

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Serums are used to ‘treat’ issues with your skin. Whether you’re targeting dark spots, acne or wrinkles, this is the time to add a serum to your routine. Many serums are filled with antioxidants or other ingredients that work wonders on your skin - Hada Labo has a fab range for multiple skincare worries. Japanese skincare prefers natural, high-quality ingredients like rice and green tea as opposed to harsh chemicals.


J-Beauty is big on face sun-protection, and an SPF should always be added as the last step in your morning routine. SPF should always be applied last, so the products you apply beforehand can absorb into the skin, and you remain protected from damaging UV rays.  Remember, face SPF should be worn every day, even when it isn’t sunny!

Face Masks

K-Beauty recommends using a face mask as a part of a daily routine. J-Beauty is much more relaxed and encourages the use of a face mask just once a week. Not only does a moisturising face mask help keep your skin feel soft and supple, but they are also the perfect accompaniment to a spa-worthy bath!

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