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How to: glitter zip makeup for Halloween – Superdrug
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How to: glitter zip makeup for Halloween

Scary Halloween Glitter zip makeup

Wanna stay hot this Halloween? We know not everyone is into painting their face blue or blacking out their eye sockets, so we’ve come up with this glam-friendly glitter zip look. If you’re all about the sparkle and need a simple way to slay Halloween 2018 – this is the look for you.

Face base

First off, you’ll want to lay down the foundation… literally. Apply B. Flawless Silk Foundation all over your skin for the perfect base and fill in your brows with Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil.

Rimmel Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Brow Pencil Hazel 2 £4.49 Buy Now

Outline time

To give yourself a rough idea of where the glitter should go, undo the zip and lay it over your eye in a V shape. Use B. Lip Liner in Cerise to trace the inside section. You should end up with an outline of an upside-down triangle over one side of your face with your eye roughly in the middle.

B. Cosmetics B. Lip Liner 03 Cerise £3.32 Buy Now

Pack on the pink

Since we’re going to be using some gorge pink glitter, it’ll help to lay down a pink base to help that sparkle pack a punch. Use a dense brush to pack the B. Blusher in Cheeky into that V-shape you just drew. Use a bigger brush to do the bulk and switch to something smaller to keep the eye area and point as precise as poss.

B. Cosmetics B. Blusher Cheeky £5.32 Buy Now

Two-toned twinkle

To glam this up, we’re using glitter – obvs. To make sure it stays all night, use the Collection Glam Crystals Glitter Glue. Apply this over the blush in small sections starting at the bottom and then get your glitter on before it dries. We’ve used Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitter in Rose Quartz on the bottom half and Carnival Queen on the top. This will leave you with a stunning two-toned pink and silver vibe… yes please!

Barry M Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitter Carnival Queen £4.99 Buy Now

Zip it

Now, it’s time for the main bit – the zip. Apply Duo Lash Glue to the outside of the triangle and leave it for 30 seconds to go tacky. Once semi-dry, place the zip on your face, pressing gently until it feels secure and comfortable.

REMEMBER! This is a latex-based formula, so if you know you’re allergic, use another kind of adhesive that suits your skin. If you’re unsure, do a patch test on the back of your hand first.


Once the zip is on, you might notice that there are areas that need a lil’ more lovin’. Simply fill these in with the same glitter-and-glue combo as before, until you’re happy with the overall look.

Lashes and liner

Finish up your eyes with some liner and mascara. We used Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner in Black and went for a winged look to make the eyes pop. Lastly, add a coat of Rimmel Scandaleyes Wow Wings Mascara and your peepers are good to go.

Rimmel Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner Black 1 £5.99 Buy Now
Rimmel Rimmel Scandaleyes Wow Wings Mascara Black 12ml £8.49 Buy Now

Final touches

It may be Halloween, but we can’t forget the finishing touches. A blinding highlight and pretty pout are just what we need to finish off this look. Sweep some MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in Pink Shimmer over your other cheek to get that glow, and coat your lips with Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick in Heartbeat.

Rimmel Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick Heartbeat 820 £6.49 Buy Now
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