Cornrow Braids

Looking for a trendy yet timeless look? Go for cornrow braids. Not sure how to achieve the look? Simply follow our quick and easy tutorial for beginners, and get the hairstyle at home in no time!

What Is the Difference Between Cornrow Braids and Dutch Braids?

While the technique is very similar – braiding under to achieve a three-dimensional braid - the intended look varies in size. The Dutch braid is large and thick, whereas cornrow braids are smaller and can be braided in smaller rows, achieving a different finish.

What Do I Need to Achieve Cornrow Braids?

  • Hair Fall Controlling Styling Gel: To tame flyaways and baby hairs
  • Tail Comb: To get the perfect parting
  • Conditioner: To make sure hair is healthy and moisturised. The conditioner you should opt for will depend on the tightness of your curl. You can find some tips on how to care for black natural hair here.
  • Hair bands
  • Wide Toothed Comb: To get rid of any knots or tangles
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Steps to Achieve the Perfect Cornrow Braids for Beginners

Cornrow 1

Step 1: Condition Your Hair

To keep your locks healthy and moisturised, apply some leave-in conditioner. This will also help to detangle the hair when combing through. Focus on the ends, rather than the roots as this is where the hair is drier.

Cornrow 2

Step 2: Comb Through with a Wide Toothed Comb

Using a wide toothed comb, comb through your locks, making sure there are not knots or tangles. Always start at the ends and go up the lengths and then finally, the roots.

Cornrow 3

Step 3: Part Your Hair in the Middle

Part your hair in the middle with a tail comb. Use your nose as a guide on where to make your partition. Don’t forget to part all the way down to the bottom!

Cornrow 4

Step 4: Time for Your Cornrow Braid

Take a small section from the front and divide the hair behind that into two. Now we have three strands to braid with. Take the strand that’s at the front and swap it with the one that’s closest to the ear. Next, grab the third strand and again, bring it under the middle strand – like a small Dutch braid. Repeat this step dragging hair into the cornrow as you go along. Finish the cornrow by plaiting the remainder of the hair. Don’t worry if you can’t do it the first time around, simply practice these three steps and you’ll get there in no time!

Cornrow 5

Step 5: … And repeat!

Repeat the steps on the opposite side, making sure the cornrows are symmetrical. If you want to neaten the hair while braiding, feel free to add some hair fall control styling gel when dragging the hair into the braid.


Looking Good!

Enjoy your new cornrow braid look!