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How to Care For Asian Hair


Every hair type requires specific care, and Asian hair is no different. Find out what steps you should take to keep your locks bouncy, shiny and luscious.


What Makes Asian Hair Different?

Asian hair is often thicker but less dense than Caucasian hair and can also be prone to frizz. This can sometimes make it hard to manage. The good news is that the right washing and care can bring even the dullest and most tangled of Asian hair types into tip top shape.

What Steps Should I Take To Care For Asian Hair?

A Quick Pre-Wash Brush

Before washing your hair, consider a quick brush through. This is extremely helpful especially if your hair gets tangled easily. Use a paddle brush or a thick-toothed comb to smoothen your hair just before hopping into the shower.

Say No to Hot Showers

Hot showers are generally not ideal for any hair type (nor are they kind to your skin!), so consider going for a warm shower instead. Finish with a cold water rinse to lock in the moisture. The low water temperature will help close the cuticle and add shine and luster to your locks. You will spot the difference in no time.


Are You Using the Right Shampoo?

We all have days when our hair is frizzy and hard to manage. However, these days can become less frequent if you focus on the right type of shampoo. To tame the frizz and add shine, consider going for a shampoo which has natural oils in its ingredients. For example, if your hair is particularly frizzy, go for added coconut oil or neem oil. If you want some help with manageability, any shampoo with argan oil will be your friend.

Having said that, take a step back and think about how frequently you wash your hair. Did you know that shampooing your hair too often may cause more harm than good? It’s best to wash your hair every other day, 2-3 times per week. Go for a beautiful updo or use dry shampoo in-between washes.

Shine Bright

If you feel that your natural hair colour is getting dull too quickly between washes, consider changing your conditioner. Thankfully, there are many conditioners out there designed specifically to help add luster and shine to your tresses. If you are keen on extra shine – go for a shine spray or spritz.

Just remember, when conditioning or spraying your hair with a shining spritz, always focus on the ends and lengths of your hair rather than the roots to prevent your scalp from getting greasy or oily.


Oils, oils, oils,

Hair oils can be a life saver especially if your hair is thick and prone to frizz. They are not only fantastic when it comes to making tresses more manageable (looking at you, argan oil), but some combat hair loss – for instance castor or Indian gooseberry oil - and others, such as coconut oil, prevent scalp infections, and finally some oils including almond can help to keep those locks moisturised.

Identify what hair issue you’d like to combat using hair oil and go for one that targets that specific problem, rather than layering on the oils.

Go for a Hair Mask

Consider adding a hair mask into your regular beauty routine. Hair masks developed specifically for Asian hair can help not only to tame but also nourish your tresses. Look out for masks with egg protein that help lessen the occurrence of split ends, and if they are already there – conceal them.

Generally hair masks help add moisture to the hair, promote growth as well as make those locks appear healthier and shinier.

Shiny locks, here we come!

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