Heatproof Makeup

Sweat can wreak havoc with your makeup on a hot day. So much like your summer wardrobe you’ll need to choose makeup that’ll keep you looking fresh when it hots up. Follow these sizzling tips to make sure that you avoid a total melt down. Literally.

Heatproof makeup GIF

1. Always Remember to Prime

So, we may not be able to avoid sweating when the sun beats down. But, we can help to minimise the shine. How? By applying a primer before loading up with our makeup look. Not only will this maximise the longevity of makeup but it will also help keep unwanted shine at bay. We want 'dewy' not 'slippery'.

2. Minimise the Morning Routine

To avoid clogging pores keep your pre–makeup regime minimal, less is definitely more! Using a cleanser and a light moisturiser will be enough - cut back on the 10-step ritual or save that for the evening. Remember to check that your moisturiser contains SPF for added protection against the sunny elements. If not, add sunscreen into the mix. 

Heatproof Makeup

3. Light, Bright Makeup

Whilst you are keeping skincare light it is worth considering lighter makeup too. Opt for a sheer formula as this will allow your skin to breath. If you feel this isn’t providing enough coverage use a concealer or a thin layer of tinted moisturiser over the top.

If you fancy adding a touch of colour pick one area to accentuate and go bold!

4. Make it Waterproof

Waterproof mascaras can be a God-send in the heat as moisture can cause mascara to run. Panda eyes are definitely not a beauty look you want to be rocking! If you prefer to use your normal mascara apply a top coat of waterproof mascara to help increase its staying power.

5. Go Gloss

During warmer weather it makes sense to put your lipstick to one side in favour of lip gloss. These are lighter and won’t rub off at the first sign of moisture. Lip gloss is also easier to reapply during the day while out and about. If you want to go for a traditional summer look choose pink or peach shades or if you are feeling more daring opt for a tangerine or grape hue.

6. Keep Oily Skin at Bay

Heat increases the production of sebum so can make oily skin oilier than usual. If you want to avoid too much shine and maintain a sun- kissed glow pop some blotting papers in your bag. These handy sheets will absorb sweat and oil from your skin without the need to retouch your makeup.