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Guide to Body Scrubs

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If you’re starting to feel like your skin could do with a bit of love, body scrubs are the way forward. Designed to exfoliate and cleanse, this effective body treatment is a great way to keep your skin looking both healthy and beautiful.

Body scrubs tend to contain three key ingredients – an exfoliant (such as salt, sugar, apricot kernels or jojoba beads), some type of oil to ensure that the mixture stays in place (macadamia or sweet almond oil), and fragrance to add a touch of luxe.

While body scrub treatments are usually available at your nearest spa or salon and applied by a beauty therapist, there are plenty of at-home body scrubs that work just as well. Read on to find out more about body scrubs, how you should use them and the different types that are available.

Guide to face scrubs feature

When to use a Body Scrub

If you have normal skin or live and work in a location that’s dusty or polluted, ideally you should aim to exfoliate at least twice a week. This will help you to get rid of any dead skin cells, unclog your pores and give your skin a much fresher and even appearance.

If you have sensitive skin, be gentle when you’re scrubbing and only use body scrubs every now and again to avoid flaring up with unwanted symptoms such as redness and irritation.

To rejuvenate oily skin, remove a skin tan or deal with dryness from living in a warm climate, you can afford to exfoliate more than twice a week as the body scrub will soothe and provide your skin with extra nutrients.

The scrubbing action during a body scrub treatment actually stimulates the circulation in your body and skin, contributing to its healthy appearance, so they’re great for toning too. However, remember not to use body scrubs on the delicate skin of your face as they’re only meant for tough areas.

How to use a Body Scrub

Before you start scrubbing away, it’s important to follow a few simple steps to make sure you get the very best results.

First, it’s time to soak. Take a shower to wet your skin – warm-to-hot is the ideal temperature. If you’re having a shower, let it run for around 5-10 minutes over your skin to get it feeling super soft and ready for the treatment. Once you’re done, turn off the water while you exfoliate.

Alternatively, you can use the body scrub while having a bath.

To Exfoliate:

  1. The idea behind a body scrub is to remove dead skin, so target specific areas of the body that are prone to dryness, such as your back, the backs of your arms, legs and feet.
  2. Apply the body scrub in a circular motion, remembering not to scrub too hard. Be gentle and your skin won’t turn bright red afterwards.
  3. Scrub all over for around 5-10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
  4. Complete your treatment with a soothing moisturiser to leave your skin feeling hydrated and baby soft.

Different Types of Body Scrubs

Now that you’ve learnt how to carry out your treatment, it’s worth exploring the different types of body scrubs available. If you suffer from allergies or are prone to sensitive skin, always be sure to check the ingredients of a scrub before use. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Salt Scrubs: Also known as ‘salt glows’, a salt scrub is made with sea salt and is fantastic for healing and pulling out all the toxins from your skin. This is a great treatment for those of you with oily skin, but take care if you’re prone to dryness and consider adding essential oils to the mix. Most essential oils have a wonderful aroma too, so you can’t go wrong.
  • Sugar Scrubs: Sweet by name and sweet by nature, these tend to be the most popular of body scrubs. Made with brown or white sugar, the rough texture of the sugar exfoliates but more gently than a salt scrub, so this is preferable for those of you with sensitive skin.
  • Coffee Scrubs: If you’re a coffee addict or love the smell of coffee beans, this one’s for you. When used in a scrub, this natural stimulant is not only good for restoring your healthy glow but also ideal for firming the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite due to its high level of antioxidants. Add ingredients such as vanilla or chocolate for a truly enjoyable experience.
  • Moisturising Scrubs: Suffering from a lack of moisture and need to give your skin a boost? Pick a moisturising scrub. These tend to contain oatmeal or ground almonds with cooling yoghurt, aloe vera or avocado that will help nourish the skin and restore lost moisture.
  • Herb Scrubs: Mixed with a whole range of dried herbs such as lavender and aromatic essential oils, heavenly herb scrubs offer a softer alternative for exfoliating in comparison to the harsher texture of some of the other scrubs and can be used on a daily basis.
  • Loofas and sponges: A slightly different treatment to the rest, loofas and sponges are less about the mixture itself and more about the product used for doing the scrubbing. Simply buy a loofa or bath sponge and combine it with your favourite body wash or scrub to get perfectly preened skin.

Want to find your perfect body scrub?

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