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Glow Up x Superdrug: The Complete Low-Down – Superdrug
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Glow Up x Superdrug: The Complete Low-Down

Winning makeup look with model and MUA for BBC Glow Uo

The search for Britain’s next big makeup artist star kicked off tonight with the return of Glow Up on BBC Three.

Naturally, as beauty devotees here at Superdrug, we were pumped for the new season, but if you caught the episode yourself, you’ll have seen another reason why we couldn’t wait for it to return to our screens.

The secret is out… we were on episode one of Glow Up to set the makeup artists their very first challenge!

Here’s everything you need to know about what we asked the makeup artists to do and the winning look!

The Industry Challenge

Here at Superdrug, we champion inclusive beauty in everything that we do. To kick off the series, our Head of Marketing, Gemma Mason, joined the 10 new MUA's and judges to set the challenge of creating a makeup look accessible to everyone - no matter their race, gender, age, or status.

But that was not all! Their final look also had to include three key components:

  1. The use of colour
  2. A base that enhances natural skin texture and tone (and, of course, colour matches)
  3. A celebration of one of the  models’ beautiful features to bring out their uniqueness

Not only would the winning look win the industry challenge for the first episode, but it would also be featured in our stores and on our digital platforms too! A truly unique prize for one aspiring artist!

To complete this inspiring challenge, the MUAs had access to a treasure trove of our Own Brand and exclusive cosmetics to create their show-stopping look! (Seriously, it was a makeup artist's dream in there!)

Glow Up BBC Three makeup
A selection of makeup on a table during filming

Why Did We Set This Challenge?

For us, this challenge was incredibly important. As a business, we have consistently demonstrated an ongoing commitment to ensuring everyone in our diverse customer base feels represented, from launching our Shades of Beauty campaign in 2016 to our latest 'Own Your Beauty’ campaign, our most diverse and inclusive shoot to date!

Ateh Jewel, Glow Up guest judge and diversity campaigner, says: ‘I’m so proud to be a judge on Glow up and especially with this challenge with Superdrug. Seeing is believing, and celebrating diversity and self-expression is so important, as beauty is a place where everyone should be welcome to come and play. It’s so fantastic Superdrug is using their platform to spread this message and be a game-changer in the industry and retail space.’

The Winning Look

As well as setting the MUA their challenge and overseeing their creations, our very own Gemma had the enormous task of helping judge the final looks! She joined show regulars Val Garland and Dom Skinner to determine the winning industry look for the first episode!

Each look was judged on whether it had hit the brief and whether the final image could be featured across our stores and online platforms. There was a lot to consider, and the judging was tight, but the judges came to a decision, and the winner was (drum roll please...) Samah Say!

Winning makeup look with model and MUA for BBC Glow Uo
Samah with her model and winning makeup look

“Winning the Glow Up x Superdrug challenge was a life-changing moment for me as I have a true passion for inclusivity, self-expression and diversity,” said Samah after winning the challenge.

“Growing up as someone who understands the struggles, having a platform like Superdrug acknowledging my work as the face of this campaign is such a blessing and sense of fulfilment. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to represent. For those that think or have been told they can’t, I am proof that you can do whatever you desire if you have the drive.” 


Samah created her winning look using a selection of products from our very own B. Cosmetics range and our exclusive brands Revolution and Rude Cosmetics.

Revolution Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation F14.7 £9.99 Buy Now
Rude Cosmetics Rude Cosmetics 12 Pastel Pigment & Eyeshadow palette £16.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Liquid Blush - Coral £6.99 Buy Now

Want to see her creative look in all its glory? Well, we’re pleased to say it’s already installed in many of our stores, alongside our Own Your Beauty campaign, for everyone to enjoy!

Wining Glow Up makeup look in a Superdrug store

Are you feeling inspired to create a colourful and creative look like the MUAs on Glow Up?

Stock up on everything you'll need in-store and online at Superdrug!

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