Sleek Ponytail

If you are looking for a perfect day-to-night hair style, look no further than the sleek, classic and extra glossy ponytail. It’s quick and easy to get, and our handy tutorial shows you all the steps.

What do I Need to Get a Sleek Ponytail?

You can easily achieve this hairstyle at home, and make it look as if you’ve just stepped out of a salon. All you will need is a hair dryer, brush, straighteners (depending on how straight your hair naturally is), a hair band, clip and spray.

As an option, if you are keen on a really shiny, high-end finish, there is a number of finishing gloss sprays that not only add shine but also help tame flyaways and baby hairs.

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How to Get the Sleek Ponytail Look

How to Get a Sleek Ponytail 1

Step 1

Brush your hair thoroughly, ensuring it is completely tangle-free. It’s best to brush through the ends first, making your way up towards the crown of your head.

How to Get a Sleek Ponytail  2

Step 2

Heat up your straighteners. Divide your hair into small sections. Straighten your strands making sure every section is as smooth and sleek as possible. Brush through the sections gently after.

How to Get a Sleek Ponytail 3

Step 3

Add hair spray or other styling products such as a styling mist to the roots of your hair.

How to Get a Sleek Ponytail 4

Step 4

Brush through your hair gathering all of the strands at the back. Position your hand as close to your crown as possible and fasten with hairband.

How to Get a Sleek Ponytail 5

Step 5

From the bottom layer of your ponytail, grab a thick hair strand. Run the straightener through it to make it as smooth as possible.

How to Get a Sleek Ponytail 6

Step 6

Add some hair spray to the strand and wrap it around your ponytail, concealing the hair band. 

How to Get a Sleek Ponytail 7

Step 7

Fasten the hair strand with a hair clip underneath.

How to Get a Sleek Ponytail 8

Ready to go!

Enjoy the finished look.

How to Get a Sleek Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is another beautiful twist on this classic hairstyle that can take you from day to night. To achieve this look, follow the steps above, only position your hair towards the bottom of your head.

With the sleek low ponytail, you can also play with the positioning with the hair parting. Some love having the parting in the middle, others choose to have it placed towards the right or the left sides.

Top tip: To ensure your parting is as sleek as your ponytail, your can even it out and add more gloss to it by using a toothbrush and non-greasy hair gel. Simply apply gel to the toothbrush and comb through your parting, smoothing it out further.

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Contouring the Hairline

If you have a lot of flyaways and baby hairs where your hairline begins, you may want to consider hairline contouring to make the look more defined.

Hairline contouring should be done very lightly, focusing on thinner and lighter roots at the top and on the sides of your forehead.

Using an eye shadow in a shade that is similar to your hair colour, gently brush over the roots filling in the lighter gaps within your hairline. Make sure you use a pencil brush and apply eye shadow in light motions directed towards your ponytail. After that, if you feel the look requires more definition, use an angled brush and apply the eye shadow in a shade darker making sparse and gentle strokes.

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After you’ve finished the sleek ponytail and hairline contouring steps, make sure you set the look with hair spray.