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Our Favourite Gender-Neutral Products – Superdrug
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Our Favourite Gender-Neutral Products

Traditionally in the beauty industry, products have been aimed at mostly women because men didn’t really think they needed a cream or products to protect their skin because they were, well men. But shout out to metrosexual fellas like David Beckham expressing his passion for a good skincare routine, things have changed drastically in the industry and we’re thankful for it.

It even boiled down to stereotypes that only women were the only ones who wore makeup - wrong. Boys do too and thankfully, this cis-gender limited theory has been abolished and we’re even found after a serious Youtube tutorial hole, most blokes are better at doing makeup than some of us! Let’s face it, no matter who you are or what gender or sexual orientation you affiliate with, we can guarantee you look pretty banging with whatever product you’re using - and who it may be aimed at.

Couple In Pajamas Putting On Moisturizer In Bathroom

Buying for your needs, not your gender

Buying products that are tailored to your skin type, and ignoring the gender that its supposed to be for is now so much more common.  For example, do you feel like you have oily skin? Men generally have oiler skin than women so if you’re looking for more control from your moisturiser, you might want to try a product formulated towards men to keep that oil at bay. It could also be your ticket for making your makeup look better and last longer too. Men also have slightly thicker skin so they can vary in texture too. As for men? Some of our male mates have confessed they like women’s creams because they smell better! Fair play!

Our Fave Gender Neutral Products

We’ve scoured our product selection for our favourite gender-neutral brands when it comes to skincare, scents, hygiene and even makeup - yes boys, we know you use it too to hide those under eye bags!

Now if you look like you haven’t slept a wink all night, don’t panic! Revolution Conceal and Define Supersize Concealer, will make it look like you have. Available in 24 shades, this full yet lightweight concealer will cover blemishes, even out skin tone and hide dark circles. It’s also pretty long wearing and won’t clog your pores or settle in fine lines.


If you’ve been on holiday this year - lucky you! You may have even managed to get yourself a little golden glow and people have commented on how good you look. Who doesn’t love an ego boost? Well we have the way to keep that glow without even stepping foot in the sun! Introducing B. Bronzing Facial Drops Golden. Just add a few drops to your daily moisturiser and keep that glow all year long.

B. Bronzing by Superdrug products and Makeup Revolution conceal and define

Here at Superdrug HQ, after discussing at length a shower gel that we can’t get enough of no matter what our gender may be, it was a unanimous vote for our soap free Fruity Cherry and Almond Shower Gel. Awaken your scenes and feel clean from head to toe for the rest of the day. Don’t believe us? Our customers have rated it a 4.4 out of 5.

Like most, occasionally everyone has a dry or itchy scalp which can lead to dandruff but thankfully Superdrug Trichology Re-Balancing Scalp Tonic  will take of that. The triple-action formula takes care of flakes, itchiness and a dry scalp.

When it comes to smelling good, Lynx Unity Body Spray Deodorant will keep you dry and smelling fresh. With a subtle scent of Honeydew Melon and Sandalwood, it could be mistaken for a high-end fragrance.

If you really want to pack a punch when it comes to smelling scent-sational, Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette Spray is literally the one. The iconic smell of CK has notes of mandarin orange, papaya, bergamot and lemon, oh my!

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