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Fall in Love with Emporio Armani Fragrances – Superdrug
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Fall in Love with Emporio Armani Fragrances

Emporio Armani stronger with you and in love with you fragrances

For many of us, getting a box emblazoned with an Emporio Armani logo makes life that little bit sweeter – filling our days with a glamorous sense of ‘la dolce vita’.  Armani’s exquisite designs and wearable pieces helped put Italian fashion on the map and their fragrances are just as impressive. Rich and intoxicating, there’s nothing “ordinary” or “so-so” about these scents, they have a backbone and a story behind them.

So, if you're looking to graduate from typical floral or citrus scents and to switch things up a gear, you might want to snap up one of Emporio Armani's stunning scents available now from Superdrug.  Better yet, when paired together, their corresponding masculine and feminine scents complement and amplify each other, which is why these perfumes are perfect for both you and a loved one to wear together.

Better Together...

Take their iconic women’s fragrance Because It’s You and male counterparts Stronger with You and Stronger with You Intensely. In terms of sophistication – Because It’s You delivers a hefty dose of raspberry (one of the sexiest, yet cheeriest ingredients known to humankind) together with sweet neroli, the result of which leaves you cloaked in a blissful feeling akin to wearing a pair of Emporio Armani jeans. This one is seductive but in a subtle, pretty way. While Stronger with You is just as exquisite but dials up the heat just a touch with warm, spicy cardamom and sharp notes of pink pepper, and Stronger With You Intensely introduces an addictive new rum accord to add another level of refinement. Together they make an intoxicating, energising combination for a power couple that feel ready to take on the world.


Armani Armani Stronger With You Absolutely Parfum 50ml £54.00 Buy Now
Armani Emporio Armani Because It's You EDP 50ml £60.00 Buy Now
Armani Emporio Armani Stronger With You 50ml £44.00 Buy Now
Emporio Armani stronger with you and ingredients
Emporio Armai stronger with you fragrance and ingredients

If you want to take things up a level - In Love With You for her is a rich, aromatic Eau de Parfum, which simply shimmers with fruity, feminine notes of ripe cherry and highly sensual jasmine absolute. It dries down to a base of smoky patchouli that’s warm and sensual but doesn’t knock you for six the way conventional patchouli fragrances might. While its male counterpart Stronger With You Intensely is probably the most powerful of all four fragrances. In terms of notes, the star of the show is the ambery wood accord, with bright, sparkling pink pepper notes that are the scent equivalent of putting on a perfectly tailored Armani suit. While the addition of vanilla and leathery suede notes strike just the right balance - giving it added backbone without being too overbearing. Both fragrances combined together make for a rich and complex concoction and serve as a timely reminder of how powerful being in love makes us feel, with the perfect person by our side.

Armani Emporio Armani In Love with You Ea de Parfum 50ml £58.00 Buy Now
Emporio Armani in love with you
Emporio Armani stronger with you intensely
Armani Emporio Armani Stronger with You Intense Eau de Parfum 50ml £49.00 Buy Now

So why not treat yourself – and your other half – to luxury designer scents that are truly exquisite? Perfect to wear together for special occasions or date nights and even separately during the day – like your love for each other, perfume is an invisible link between you both, reminding you of one another even if you’re not together. So when you eventually do reunite, the effect is all the more powerful…

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